Party Plan Giveaway Reminder!

Hello everyone! I have fallen behind on my posting due to sheer exhaustion! Last night I went to sleep when  a normal person probably goes to sleep. Then my husband came to bed and started talking to me. (which is odd because I NEVER go to bed before my husband does…) I got so frustrated that he had woken me up. I didn’t say it but I was fuming to myself, ‘I never get in bed and just start chattin’ away when you’re asleep.’ But I found out this morning that I started talking to him in my sleep first, which is why he started talking to me! Anyway….

I’m surprised about how few people have entered the really cool Giveaway I’m having with One Charming Party! So I wanted to show you an example of what this really is! Sooo, cool. I love this Country Fair party. It  just screams summer to me. You can check out a mini-preview of the details here.

A typical party plan includes:

  • eye-catching invitations and thank you cards—print as many as you need
  • step-by-step tutorials for making decorations
  • instructions and expert tips for games and activities
  • gorgeous photos to guide you through this party from start to finish
  • a resource guide to help you find all of the party supplies
  • easy to follow directions so you can spend less time planning and more time having fun
  • 50+ pages in a downloadable pdf—sent instantly to your inbox




  1. No! I actually have a chance of winning! 

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