Owl Party Link Love

I read somewhere the other day (I wish I remembered where or I’d tell ya, but I don’t…) that owls are the new black! It’s true, everywhere you look there are owls. And such adorable little things they are! In keeping with the party theme, I wanted to share some of my favorite owl parties that I have seen around lately.


Oh, my! This owl party by Jenny Cookies is just absolutely fantastic! I saw it a few months back and haven’t forgotten it. I had to search around a bit to find it again, but I am absolutely in awe. If you saw my dragon wing party favors, you can probably tell what my favorite thing about this party is the beautiful owl wings and mask favors. All the desserts are out of this world and the rest of the details are stunning.

1. You’ve got to check out this birthday party by Sugarcoated Events via The Sweetest Occasion. Not only is the cake amazing, there are tons of little owl details throughout the party!

2. Happy Owloween!!! All the food is beautiful at this ‘Owloween’ Party by Jennifer Hamilton via Celebrations at Home, but I love the fabric owls (by Jason Parker Counce) and moon decorations.

3. I love the simplicity of this owl themed first birthday party by Kallie Brynn. I’m also a sucker for tissue paper pom poms!

4. This is such a great idea. A Thanksgiving play date party, ‘A Whoot of Thanks!’ by the Savvy Mom’s Guide. Check the play date out with all their food details and fun activities!

5. The colors! I love the colors in this birthday party by Ashley via My Owl Barn. I love the bright colors!!!


  1. Love the owl swinging in the tree/cake!

    And the owl wings!!!!!!

  2. Nice roundup of ideas! Thanks for the link ; )

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