Pillowcase Link Love

Yep, pretty much all I’ve thought about this week, well besides family and work, were my pillowcase dresses! So in the spirit of that, here’s some other pillowcase ideas to try from around the internet!

1. How adorable is this pumpkin from Martha Stewart??

2. So I used to be skinny. And I plan on being closer to skinny one day soon… So right now I can only dream about fitting into a pillowcase, but one day I’m going to be able to make this really cool pencil skirt featured on DIY Fashion for myself (and fit in it too!)

3. When you think of well loved pillowcases do you think of that very soft feeling they have? I do! Which is why I so want to make these pillowcase pj’s by Elsie Marley, not only for my son, but also for me!

4. And on the subject of costumes, I fell in love with this ghost pillowcase dress by Sugar Bee Crafts! She also has other ideas, like another pumpkin and even a snowman!

5. I love for my son to create… But I don’t love for my son to ruin clothes in the process of creating…. hence the reason he loves his smock! And I love this pillowcase smock featured on Family Fun.

6. And this little t-shirt dress by Make It-Love It doesn’t really have anything to do with pillowcases, except the shape reminded me of a pillowcase dress and I thought it was just too cute to not include. So there!

The Pillowcase Dresses are Done! Check!

Yep, that’s right. Finally! My poor friend sent them to me ages ago! But I kept thinking that they need something special. Not just turn over the top, add a ribbon and be done. Nope, these pillowcases are beautiful and they deserved more than that!

My friend (my mother’s friend first) saw a pillowcase style dress, it was actually a table runner turned dress dress, I had done before and remembered some beautiful hand crocheted pillowcases that she had and asked if I would make them in to dresses for her grand daughters. Of course I said yes. But little did she know how long it would take me….

Well, I had an idea. Put a nice big ruffle collar. But then, wouldn’t that take away from the crochet?? Yes…. So what to do??? I thought about it and thought about it…. Until the other day Aesthetic Nest posted this beautiful 2 layer pillowcase dress she had made.

When I saw that, I knew that was exactly why I had put off making the dresses. I was waiting for this inspiration. This idea was exactly what the crocheted pillowcases needed!

So I got to sewing!

I’m not going to do a full tutorial, but I will narrate you through my process.

The materials I gathered were the pillowcases, 1.5 yards of each color fabric for the inside layers, thread, scissors and the machine! I started by making the inside layers. Basically I just made two ‘tubes’ of fabric the same width as the pillowcases with one end hemmed. Here’s where I tried out my new loves, the french seam and blind hem.  Ahhhh….  And for the length, that’s up to you.

I was a bit worried about the size, since these are for a 3T and 5T and I’ve never made dresses for those sizes before. But luckily for me my friend sent me a nice big full size drawing of each of the girls! They laid down and my friend traced them and then both of the girls told her how long they wanted their dresses to be. Too cute!

Back to the process… Then I cut the armholes. I laid out the two pieces of fabric, folded them over and on top of each other. One cut, four armholes!

Here’s where I went out on a limb and had to figure it for myself… At this point you turn both the inside layer and the pillowcase inside out. Then insert the inside layer inside the pillowcase.

Next sew a straight stitch across the top, down around an arm, across the back top, down around the other arm and back to the starting point. Turn them right side out and get the inside layer inside the pillowcase! Topstitch the arms. Turn the tops over 1.5 inches, stitch it down.

Next I went back to the fabric store, because I had only gotten 1 yard of fabric, but I needed more for the ribbon. Or you could just use ribbon… Hopefully you can skip the back to the fabric store step! I used Aesthetic Nest’s suggestions on the fabric ribbon and went with 6″ by about 60 to 70″ or so. I folded the fabric in half, cut the ends at an angle, sewed it together with a hole to pull it through, turned it right side out, ironed it flat and Wah La, a nice big ribbon for a bow.

The girls are in Texas. The dresses are in the mail. And I can’t wait to see the girls in the dresses!

Hope they fit just right….
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French Seams and Blind Hems

So, you know I rarely post on Tuesdays. So since I am, I must be excited about something! And boy am I! French seams and blind hems… ahhh, yes, the little things in life.

So this weekend I finally started working on a couple of pillowcase dresses that I haven’t been doing that needed to be done… More on the pillowcase dresses tomorrow… So I’m reading this tutorial about pillowcase dresses at Aesthetic Nest and she says to use a french seam. I’m thinking to myself, ‘why?, skip this step. what else does she say??’ errrrrrr…. Wait a minute, back it up, let’s just check it out. Then I remembered that my pal Jenny at The Southern Institute had a tutorial on french seams too…

I’m in love…. (hear the birds tweeting and the sweet sound of surf and imagine a very skinny me twirling around with butterflies)… ahhhh…..

It’s so simple! Why had I been ignoring these all this time? Typically the outside of my seams have looked fine. but the inside has always left something to be desired. I don’t have a serger (and at this point don’t want one, but one day I’ll probably post a post very similar to this one about why didn’t I get one of these sooner??) and I rarely go back and stitch the seams. I like my pinking shears….

But now look at how beautifully finished the seam is!

All it is is a straight stitch with wrong sides together, trim the seam, fold the fabric over and stitch again. There’s more detailed directions in the tutorials I mentioned above, but still, that’s it!

And the blind hem… Ummmm… again, where have I been??? Back to the tutorial on the pillow case dress, she recommends a blind stitch. Again, I’m like, um, whatever, a plain hem is fine… Then I start looking and realize that with the detail I already have going on, the regular hem would take away from the beautiful edge of the pillowcase. Then came the aha moment. I jumped up, broke out the handy dandy users manual to my sewing machine and had a blind hem done in no time!

It’s just like a folding a regular hem, but with one extra fold and a change in the sewing machine foot… I ironed down the 2″ bottom hemmed, folded it over (into the hem) 1″, ironed that down, then rolled the fabric back about 1/4″ from the top. It didn’t even need pinning! (if you remember, I try to avoid that pinning step as often as possible!) Then adjusted the machine per the instructions. Lined up the fabric and stepped on the gas! And Wah La…

How awesome does this look? And how bad would it have looked with a straight stitch hem??

OMGoodness! I was so excited I had to show my husband (who wasn’t nearly as excited, surprise, surprise) and I took it to a friend’s house for dinner to show it off. She was much more excited for me than my husband! 🙂

I do love it when I try something new and it turns out almost perfect the first time. That totally added to the excitement! Not even a thought about that mean ‘ole seam ripper!

I can’t wait to show you the finished dresses! They are going to be beautiful!!

Featured on My Owl Barn

Remember the owl party I got to help with?? I’m so excited that it’s being featured today on my most favorite owl blog…. My Owl Barn!

3 T-shirt Reuse Ideas Link Love

In keeping with this week’s theme of re-using t-shirts, here’s some of my favorite ideas for crafting with t-shirts! All of which I just found within the last week or so… hmmm… This post was just meant to be! It felt like these types of projects just kept popping up!

1. I love these t-shirt pompoms by Craftaholics Anonymous. They look very similar to the tissue paper pompoms, but I bet they stand up to the elements much longer if you wanted to have them hanging outdoors!

2. I’ve been saving some of my son’s t-shirts to make a t-shirt quilt, but haven’t done it (yet…). Check out the designs from 3 Stitch Creations. I love these quilts. You could also use the t-shirts you used in the t-shirt art project from Wednesday once the art comes down to be replaced. Just think, you’d be recycling recycled shirts! How cool is that???

3. And I just thought this little sailor t-shirt dress from Mommy By Day Crafter By Night was adorable!! Again, if I had a little girl, I’d make this. Maybe a niece will get one!

Have a great weekend!

T-shirt Art Guest Tutorial

So Monday I showed you the cape I made inspired by the reuse of a t-shirt. Today I have a guest that is going to share with us how to turn those very loved t-shirts that you just can’t bear to part with into works of art.

Welcome today, Rose from Pumpkin and Butterfly! We met a while back when we were both featured in an etsy treasury together. I just love Rose’s sweet and simple art prints. And you know I’m a sucker for the silhouettes!  She mentioned a great project she had done and I asked if she’d share how she did with us. So without further ado….

Welcome Rose!


I first came up with this project because I couldn’t part with some of my sons little onesies and t-shirts (and maybe the fact that he was growing up so fast. He is turning six)

Most of the shirts on his wall are from 9 months to 2T, but this project will work with any size t-shirts just make sure you adjust the canvas size for bigger t-shirts. My son still loves looking at the shirts and saying, ‘I used to wear these when I was a baby.’

1. Materials Needed. Favorite T-Shirt, Scissors, Canvas (I used 8×8), staple gun

2. Get Started. First, size up the shirt with the canvas. You want to eyeball how it will look and how it will fit on the canvas.

3. Wrap Around the Canvas. Try to center it on the canvas to get a good idea of the finished product.

4. Survey. If you are happy with how it looks, you’re ready to move on.

5. Ready to Cut. Start by cutting up the seams on the side of the shirt

6. Keep Cutting. Then I cut from the center part of the neck hole down the sleeves.

7. Still Cutting. Move on to opposite side

8. Cutting Finished. It should look as close to a rectangle as possible

9. Getting Ready to Put on Canvas. Now you want to center the picture and layout the shirt

10. Start Attaching. Make sure the picture is centered. This is a tricky part because most of the time on little shirts the picture is directly under the collar. Try to put the staple in as close as possible to the edge.

11. Centering the shirt. Once you start to put on the shirt it is kind of like upholstering a chair seat. You have to be careful that you are centered and are pulling tight enough so that the pattern is lined up but not too tight that it is stretching the pattern.

12. Check as you go. Make sure it is looking centered

13. Keep working around the canvas. Making sure to pull tight enough and keep staples close to each other

14. Trim off extra material. Once you have all the sides on I find it easier to do the corners with the excess material off

15. Corners. This can also be tricky if you haven’t done it before. Fold the corners down the same way you would if wrapping a gift. Staple down the flaps as you are tucking them

16. Finished Corner. Should be tucked and tight

17. Trim. Take any extra material off

18. Finished! You are ready to hang! This looks great in a grouping!

Thanks for sharing Rose!

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, No It’s Super E!!!

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but this year I’m trying to make all the gifts I give…  Ok, so it hasn’t happened completely, but I’m trying. And I know once the birthday and Christmas come around for my little guy there will be store bought gifts… Oh, we’re also going through potty training and gifts are our ploy. I’m NOT making a gift for each time he goes potty on the potty. Now if I had been thinking ahead I could have even got this done, but…. Ha! As I write this I realized how it could have been done, but I digress from the subject at hand…

Sooooo… The other day was our precious little neighbor’s birthday. I wanted to make her something, but wasn’t sure what. Then it hit me… Felt food! She loves her kitchen and her cash register.. . Then her Momma had three great words about felt food. Dog Hair Collector. Since we have been without animals since the summer before my son was born, I hadn’t thought of that little detail.

Back to the drawing board…  She also loves dress up… Ahhhh…  A cape! I was tempted to make another t-shirt cape like I made Max, inspired by The Southern Institute‘s tutorial, but since this is a present I decided on something a bit more finished.

I started with the t-shirt cape pattern (hint hint… more t-shirt fun to come this week!) from the one I made for Max. Cut out some super hero emblem shapes and the letter E, all of which I baked with Heat ‘n Bond Lite (for sewing). Sewed the pieces together, added some Velcro and wahlah!

But just a cape? No! We needed a crown (What Super Woman goes out without her crown??) and a wristband!

For the crown I included a layer of super stiff interfacing to help it keep its shape for all sorts of crime fighting adventures. I might just need one of these myself to wear around the house….

And of course, no present is complete without a matching gift bag!

But, alas, the super hero ensemble did not trump the sparkly fairy wings…. Maybe it was just that there was no crime solving to be had on birthday day. Just a peaceful fairy day. Crime solving super hero will come again in need to solve the woes of the world… It’s Super E to the rescue!

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I’m Super Excited!!

I’m getting a facelift!!!

image via

Ok, not me, my blog! And the image above doesn’t really have anything to do with the actual design (surprise, surprise), but I do like the ‘stitching’ lines….  I can’t wait! I hired someone today and can’t wait to see what she comes up with.

I checked out her website and her blog based on a friend’s recommendation. She’s about to have a baby, so I was worried that she’d say, ‘Sorry, closed for childbirth’. But I got the email today that she’s still open for business. Very cool!

A new header… Some buttons! ooohhhhh… gotta love buttons!

I’m also going to do a little organizing…. I really want my tutorials on a separate page. That’s one thing I’ve been meaning to do for ages! I feel like my right column is a bit confusing, every list looks the same, huh!

So, here’s where I need your help! What do you like about the blog layout now?? And here’s the hard one… What don’t you like about the layout now???

OK, like I said on Wednesday, I’ve been a bit short on words this week… But next week I have some really fun things to share… another cool cape.. a guest blog tutorial….


Drawing a Blank!

Well, I had a post ready to go for today, but then decided that I wanted to group it with some other posts instead. Then I drew a blank…. What to write about instead? I feel like I haven’t been doing anything… But then I realized, ummmm…. That thought must have come from a lack of sleep….

Here’s a sneak peak into my world the last week or so.

I’ve ordered these battery operated lights:

To make this awesome chandelier for the campsite!

I’ve been sewing the dragonflies (and they are taking wayyyyy longer than expected!)


For Quilt #4.

I made this silhouettes:


For a friend’s adoption celebration!

And… I’ve been working on a sewing series for September, Sew Ready to Play!


I’m working on lining up a great series of guest bloggers that will sew a wonderful piece of fun inspired by their favorite games! I’ll be posting more about it soon! September will be here sooner than we think!

What’s your favorite game??? Want to play along??

I’m soooo Loving Pinterest!

ok, ok… I kept seeing everyone saying the same thing, ‘I love Pinterest.’ And I was like, um, that’s the last thing I need. Another website to follow, another website to waste time on, another website to remember the password for….

And it is all those things! And I love it! Did I mention that I love it????


It’s actually way more than those things! Just in case you don’t know what it is, it’s a website where you can save anything you see on the internet. You have an account, you get a ‘pin’ button on your browser and every time you see something online you hit the pin button and it saves the image and it also saves the website, etc! So you can easily find all those amazing things out there on the internet! Amazing!

No more saving pages as favorites and no more saving the blog subscription emails that I follow (and never being able to find them again!)

I have a little addiction that I need to confess… I have a small little addiction to magazines…. did I say little?? well, the 3 foot tall stack of magazines next to my bed might lead some to believe that it’s more than a small addiction…. Ok, yes, it gets out of hand sometimes! 🙂 Why I am I telling you this??? Because…  My inspiration boards are actually binders full of pages torn out of my magazines. Lately, I’ve been using the pinterest app on my phone to take pictures of the things I see in magazines.

see the pictures I took and added? the bee hive… the flower how to??

But I worry… What if pinterest is a passing fad or goes away somehow… I think it’s just part of my magazine addiction telling me this so that I’ll keep the magazines coming and the binders full… I’m not stopping the magazines, but debating if I should be saving the inspiration or photographing the inspiration???  Does anyone else have this fear? Or is it just me??

Follow me on Pinterest here.

The one thing about it, is that you have to be invited. If you don’t have a pinterest page and want to sign up, let me know and I’ll send an invite your way!

Do you have a pinterest account?? Let me know and I’ll follow you too!

 It’s so much fun!