Happy 4th!!!

We interrupt these two weeks of woodsy party blogging to bring you a special Happy July 4th announcement!!

Hope you’re having a great holiday!

My 4th of July decorating…..

A few quick and easy envelope pillows upcycled from no longer needed sheets.

I loved the star garland from Annalea Hart so much that I had to run out and buy a star punch. I thought it would be fun to do with my son, but I forgot that it’s not that easy to punch. (he’s 2… He tried, but with all his might he could only almost get it to punch. At one point he had half his body almost on the table for leverage! ) So I was on my own!  The garland got long really fast! I was surprised how fast it went.

And then the adorable cupcakes toppers made from my pillow scraps from Kojo Designs. I saw these a while back and ‘pinned’ them! But tonight I made my own 4th of July ones out of scraps from my 4th of July pillow covers! I was doing them on my own and they just weren’t looking as cute as I remembered them. Then I remembered there was a tutorial for them over at The Southern Institute today. I would think that I don’t need a tutorial for these, but… The tutorial did help!! Thanks! Perfect timing!

We’ll return now to our regularly scheduled blogging of party tutorials!


  1. I LOVE those pillow covers!! And the cupcakes are darling!

  2. I am soooooo impressed!!!!

  3. Az. Small Business Network says:

    Love the pillows very nice!

  4. barbara progar says:

    love it all!

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