I’m soooo Loving Pinterest!

ok, ok… I kept seeing everyone saying the same thing, ‘I love Pinterest.’ And I was like, um, that’s the last thing I need. Another website to follow, another website to waste time on, another website to remember the password for….

And it is all those things! And I love it! Did I mention that I love it????


It’s actually way more than those things! Just in case you don’t know what it is, it’s a website where you can save anything you see on the internet. You have an account, you get a ‘pin’ button on your browser and every time you see something online you hit the pin button and it saves the image and it also saves the website, etc! So you can easily find all those amazing things out there on the internet! Amazing!

No more saving pages as favorites and no more saving the blog subscription emails that I follow (and never being able to find them again!)

I have a little addiction that I need to confess… I have a small little addiction to magazines…. did I say little?? well, the 3 foot tall stack of magazines next to my bed might lead some to believe that it’s more than a small addiction…. Ok, yes, it gets out of hand sometimes! 🙂 Why I am I telling you this??? Because…  My inspiration boards are actually binders full of pages torn out of my magazines. Lately, I’ve been using the pinterest app on my phone to take pictures of the things I see in magazines.

see the pictures I took and added? the bee hive… the flower how to??

But I worry… What if pinterest is a passing fad or goes away somehow… I think it’s just part of my magazine addiction telling me this so that I’ll keep the magazines coming and the binders full… I’m not stopping the magazines, but debating if I should be saving the inspiration or photographing the inspiration???  Does anyone else have this fear? Or is it just me??

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The one thing about it, is that you have to be invited. If you don’t have a pinterest page and want to sign up, let me know and I’ll send an invite your way!

Do you have a pinterest account?? Let me know and I’ll follow you too!

 It’s so much fun!