Drawing a Blank!

Well, I had a post ready to go for today, but then decided that I wanted to group it with some other posts instead. Then I drew a blank…. What to write about instead? I feel like I haven’t been doing anything… But then I realized, ummmm…. That thought must have come from a lack of sleep….

Here’s a sneak peak into my world the last week or so.

I’ve ordered these battery operated lights:

To make this awesome chandelier for the campsite!

I’ve been sewing the dragonflies (and they are taking wayyyyy longer than expected!)


For Quilt #4.

I made this silhouettes:


For a friend’s adoption celebration!

And… I’ve been working on a sewing series for September, Sew Ready to Play!


I’m working on lining up a great series of guest bloggers that will sew a wonderful piece of fun inspired by their favorite games! I’ll be posting more about it soon! September will be here sooner than we think!

What’s your favorite game??? Want to play along??

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