3 T-shirt Reuse Ideas Link Love

In keeping with this week’s theme of re-using t-shirts, here’s some of my favorite ideas for crafting with t-shirts! All of which I just found within the last week or so… hmmm… This post was just meant to be! It felt like these types of projects just kept popping up!

1. I love these t-shirt pompoms by Craftaholics Anonymous. They look very similar to the tissue paper pompoms, but I bet they stand up to the elements much longer if you wanted to have them hanging outdoors!

2. I’ve been saving some of my son’s t-shirts to make a t-shirt quilt, but haven’t done it (yet…). Check out the designs from 3 Stitch Creations. I love these quilts. You could also use the t-shirts you used in the t-shirt art project from Wednesday once the art comes down to be replaced. Just think, you’d be recycling recycled shirts! How cool is that???

3. And I just thought this little sailor t-shirt dress from Mommy By Day Crafter By Night was adorable!! Again, if I had a little girl, I’d make this. Maybe a niece will get one!

Have a great weekend!