1, 2, 3 Sew Came!

I heart blogs and giveaways and the mail man!

The other day I was lucky enough to win my first ever blog giveaway! Yea!! I won a copy of Ellen Luckett Baker’s new book, 1 2 3 Sew! Ellen not only has this cool book out, but she’s also the blogger behind the great blog The Long Thread. I’m not sure on how many blogs on the Book Blog Tour that I signed up to win a copy. But none of that matters now, because I won it! (Can you tell I’m excited??)  

And imagine my surprise when I got home from camping and there were three packages on the front porch! A present for my son, some really cool fabric I ordered and my new BOOK!!!

The book is based on a totally original idea. Each chapter has three similar projects, but each one gets more complicated as you move through them and they each build on what you learned in the previous project.

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite projects. The one that first drew me in was the fabric storage boxes. I’ve always wanted to make these!

And remember the other day when I tried the french seams and the blind hems? Well, Ellen has inspired me to try something else new. The pintuck! She has a great project for a pintuck clutch. Can’t wait to try it out…

And the last sneak peek I want to share is the Craft caddy. I’m excited to follow her directions on how she does the caddy with the dividers inside.

Although I do feel that it’s a great book for beginners, there are tons of great inspiration for all levels of sewers!

Check out more about the book at The Long Thread!

What project would you try first??

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