Happy Weekend

I’m totally off track here… This week was a crazy one! Good crazy! Been busy at work and busy at home quilting and crafting and just living.

I had my weekly link love post ready. Ok, ready in my head. I knew everything that was going to go in it, but it never got done. Then Friday I realized I hadn’t written it yet. But instead of sitting down at the computer so I could write a blog post, the family played hookey from work and preschool and went out to enjoy the day!

So I thought this weekend I’d just share a little bit of life. It’s something I don’t do much around this blog. I debate this topic, more about me? Or stick to just crafting related stories?? And even that’s kinda weird. My life is all about crafting, so in a way I share my life with you everyday I post anything. I guess I’m talking about my family life. Should or shouldn’t I share more about my family life, that’s the question….

So today the answer is yes…

Our adventure to the Northwest Trek Animal Park. There’s a tiny zoo like area, but the main thing is the 400 acres of free roam area. You take a tram around and see all sorts of animals like deer, bison, moose, caribou, elk, mountain goats and more! And the setting with Mount Rainier in the distance is just beautiful!

When we saw the baby deer with it’s Momma (the top left picture), my son said, ‘ahhhhhh, they’re cuddlin’.’ The people around us started giggling!  I loved how they dated this super old tree and included other historical dates like when Leonardo Da Vinci was born. The other funny thing about the day… My husband got dressed in jeans and a shirt he had made with a monkey on it. Max already had on his jeans, but when he saw what Daddy was wearing, he ran and got the same monkey shirt his Daddy had made for him. So off we went with Father and son in matching outfits! cute!

And how was your week?



  1. how sweet about the matching shirts 🙂

  2. Sheila Perl says:

    Thank you for sharing your family day with us! I so enjoyed the lovely pictures 🙂

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