Crafting With the Kids Recap

Friday I mentioned that we were going out of town with friends and I was in charge of the crafting projects for the kids.

Well…. I got box ready with all sorts of crafty things…

Baby Oil, bottles, food coloring for making wave bottles

Paper plates, paint and the salad spinner for salad spinner art

Clear cups and Glow in the Dark bracelets for the Glow in the Dark cups

Seashells and paints for Seashell Painting

Cork, paint and glue for the Cork Boats

Paper, paint and all sorts of things to glue to make Self Portraits

Pie tins, paint, straws and bubbles for Bubble Art

All that and did we make them??? Well, not exactly! The beach was calling, as was the football, bikes and giant bubbles… So, no, we didn’t really make too many projects…

We started the self portraits. But then that just turned in to a glue and paint project. Which was totally cool, but the portraits kinda went to the wayside.

But the boats… They were a hit! I made the boats but they didn’t really get painted before we headed down to the beach.

On another trip we made the boats and did paint them. Only that trip was just the opposite. We painted the boats, but they never saw the water!

I’ll share a funny story about the time we did paint them. We were camping with other friends and I have to say that the funniest quote of the weekend came from the boat painting activity. My son was still painting with his friend’s sister and she tells my son, ‘I like pink best because I am very girlie.’ My two year old son responded, ‘I’m manly. I’m a man. I’m mannnnly.’ Hilarious! I had to turn around to make sure I was hearing everything correctly!

Back to this weekend… After our boating adventure, we left the boat in the neighborhood Gnome Village at this little ladies home….. Ms. Gnome and her friend Mr. Googly Eye Rock seemed grateful for the new mode of transportation!

Did yall make anything fun with the kiddos this weekend?

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