Stitch Steals Giveaway Winner!

Yea!! It’s that time again! Time to pick a winner for the Stitch Steals Giveaway Winner!!!

Drum roll please….

And the winner is….. 

Congratulations Lisa! We’ll be in touch to get you your gift card!


Thanks to everyone for your interest and thank you also to Stitch Steals for a wonderful giveaway and for featuring me! Fun, Fun!!

Do you have your Germ Drops Ready???

Remember a while back I posted about making the Monster Spray from Prudent Baby?? Well, it gets rid of our monsters like nothing else! There are those nights where we have to spray down the room. And there’s been at least one night that Daddy ran around the outside of the house spraying a ‘No Monster Barrier’ around the house while chanting ‘NO MONSTERS, NO MONSTERS, NO MONSTERS’! Who knows what the neighbors thought about that, but who cares, our little guy was able to sleep peacefully!

So then when the medicine comes out for the boo boos and all I get are screams, I had an idea… Genuine Germ Drops!

I had gotten a set of mini bottles, a spray bottle and a push top drop bottle. And that’s where the Genuine Germ Drops were inspired! OK, here’s the secret, if you haven’t already figured it out… The germ drops are really just a bottle filled with hydrogen peroxide (or your favorite boo boo medication, it doesn’t have to be hydrogen peroxide. This may not be the #1 doctor recommended solution but you could apply this label to whatever you use – always ask your pediatrician for the right medication for the job!) and a fancy label. SHHHHHH!

Do you have kids? A boy or a girl? And do you have boo boos??? We seem to get quite a few around here. Luckily no major ones, yet…

And I have to admit something to you. It’s kinda a weird habit… Ok, here it goes… Deep breath…  OK…. I absolutely LOVE using hydrogen peroxide on scraps and cuts and watching it bubble getting out all the dirty little germs. I don’t want there to be germs, but I love the bubbles when they are there!!!

So of course, I am trying to imprint this love affair with bubbling hydrogen peroxide with my son, but every time I’d pull out that brown bottle… In a blink of my eyes my son would be running away at full speed screaming at the top of his lungs, ‘It’s going to HHHHUUUURRRRRTTTTTT’!!! But when that same stuff comes out of the Germ Drop bottle, he’s starting to see the beauty in the bubbles! ahhhh…..

To make your own…. First, download the label that fits your bottle by clicking on the image below. I have the smaller one for the small bottles like the one we have and the larger one for more normal sized bottles.  Second, print the labels. I printed mine like a mailing label (and yes I only needed one but ended up with a whole sheet of them.) Lastly, cut, peel and stick!

And I have to give another shout out to Prudent Baby for inspiring this project and making mothering a little bit easier! This project and the design was totally inspired from their Monster Spray!

Let me know if the germ drops are as much a success in your home as they are in ours!

And a couple of points I’ve just learned from readers, 1. if you use HP in a clear bottle like mine, keep it in a dark cabinet or it becomes just plain sterilized water. And 2. HP might not be the best for wound care, so feel free to use the labels on any boo boo medication you prefer. For clarity we use the HP, followed by soap and water with a third course of a neosporin type medication.

Featured on Stitch Steals and a Giveaway!

I’m so excited!! Yes, that warmth you feel is my blushing… I’m being featured again today!

Sorry, the regularly scheduled Friday Link Love has been interrupted and will pick back up next Friday…

Today I’m being featured over on the Stitch Steals blog.

Do you know about Stitch Steals??? I’m in love…. Stitch Steals is a deal of the day type site, but just for us sewing types! Everyday there is a new deal, a lot of fabric, some books and some really cool tools! And typically the products are 50% off, sometimes more, but rarely less.

I signed up for their alerts a little while back. And they have had some really awesome fabric, but I’ve never bit the bullet and bought anything. I’ve just been a lurker…

Until the other day. They had some great fabric that matched Christmas colors and I jumped on it…  Love the bright green and blues!

The service and speed with which I got my fabric was awesome! I also recently ordered something form another sale site (I won’t mention any names), but I had forgotten I had even ordered it by the time it got to me! And the fabric looked just as good in person as online. And great quality to boot! I’m sooo excited. Now I keep trying to convince myself that I need all the fabric that they are offering…

And then I thought, I should spread the word about this website and they graciously agreed to share a

$25.00 Dollar Gift Card to Stitch Steals

with one lucky reader!!!

And then they told me how much they liked I’m Feelin’ Crafty and wanted to feature me! ahhhhh…. Lovin’ It!

Ready to WIN? You have FIVE ways to enter! And be sure to come back and leave a separate comment on this post for each entry!

1) Subscribe to Stitch Steals email alerts and tell us if you have a favorite sewing notion or fabric designer !

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5) Share the Giveaway on your blog.

Winner will be chosen on Wednesday morning, August 10th, 2011.

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Update 8/10- The Giveaway is now closed!

PS… This review was purely self-initiated. I received no free goods or compensation… I’m just truly excited and wanted to share!!


Magnetic Bookmark Tutorial Over at The Southern Institute

Hey there! Today I’m guest blogging over at The Southern Institute!

Be sure to check it out and check out my magnetic bookmark tutorial!

A, um, Glowing, well um, A Camping Project

We go camping a lot these days. We have a little private campsite that we go to and after 4 years or so, we’ve finally tamed the wildlife (aka woods and weeds) and are getting the place spruced up a bit.

And each weekend when we go, I try to take a little crafty project to do with the kiddo. This weekend we took jars, glow in the dark paint, and wire….

One thing I’d love to do is hang Christmas lights throughout the trees, but alas our campsite doesn’t have electricity. (hence the camping thing…) And I’ve always loved painted jars, like these shown at Kootut Murut.

So what did I think of??? Painted Jars with Glow in the Dark Paint.

The idea was to make glow in the dark jars to hang in the trees, like Christmas lights as my son said. Well, the making of the jars went of just fine…. Here’s how we made them….

1. Materials


Glow in the Dark paint (I do not recommend the brand pictured. More about that in a minute)


Wire and Wire Cutters

2. For some of the jars we did splatter painting instead of full on painted jars. For these we put just a little paint on the brush and then acted like we were washing our hands with the rubba rubba song we sing.

3. For the painted jars, we just poured in a bunch of paint, secured the top on the jar and shooookkkkk the jar until all the sides were covered.

4. Next we poured the excess paint back into the bottle.

5. We set them out to dry.

6. We added the wire around the top and hung them in the trees. And Wahla!

So did you notice the hesitation in the title???  Well, as much fun as we had making them, we had a few issues that didn’t really work so well. The first issue is kinda minor… They were a bit heavy for all the tree branches in my reach..

The second and main issue with the ‘glow in the dark’ jars… They don’t glow in the dark….

I thought, well, maybe it was because we started the project too late in the day and they didn’t get enough sunlight before darkness fell…. Um, no.. We brought some home and left them outside all day and went to check on them once it got dark and no glow….

I guess I should call them ‘reflect the moon and campfire light’ jars, not ‘glow in the dark’ jars. They did reflect some of the light around us, which actually would trick me into thinking they were glowing, but they weren’t. And white paint would have done the same thing if you were going for that effect. I think next time, I’ll try a different type of paint.

I’m kinda obsessed now and want to figure out which is the best paint for the job. Have you used glow in the dark paint? Which kind worked for you??


1, 2, 3 Sew Came!

I heart blogs and giveaways and the mail man!

The other day I was lucky enough to win my first ever blog giveaway! Yea!! I won a copy of Ellen Luckett Baker’s new book, 1 2 3 Sew! Ellen not only has this cool book out, but she’s also the blogger behind the great blog The Long Thread. I’m not sure on how many blogs on the Book Blog Tour that I signed up to win a copy. But none of that matters now, because I won it! (Can you tell I’m excited??)  

And imagine my surprise when I got home from camping and there were three packages on the front porch! A present for my son, some really cool fabric I ordered and my new BOOK!!!

The book is based on a totally original idea. Each chapter has three similar projects, but each one gets more complicated as you move through them and they each build on what you learned in the previous project.

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite projects. The one that first drew me in was the fabric storage boxes. I’ve always wanted to make these!

And remember the other day when I tried the french seams and the blind hems? Well, Ellen has inspired me to try something else new. The pintuck! She has a great project for a pintuck clutch. Can’t wait to try it out…

And the last sneak peek I want to share is the Craft caddy. I’m excited to follow her directions on how she does the caddy with the dividers inside.

Although I do feel that it’s a great book for beginners, there are tons of great inspiration for all levels of sewers!

Check out more about the book at The Long Thread!

What project would you try first??