Sew Ready To Play with Shwin & Shwin

And today, let’s have a warm welcome for Shauna from Shwin&Shwin!!  Man, I have to say Shwin&Shwin is amazing to me. Every day I get my updates and it seems like there is always a new tutorial each day! Wow! You don’t know how to sew?? Well, all you have to do is read the Sewing 101 Series and she covers about all of it! Such talent! I’m floored with the amount of information you can learn from this blog. The other day there was a tutorial for sewing with rib knit. The crazy thing is that just the night before I had found some old fabric and thought to myself, ‘I want to make my son some pj’s with this, but I don’t know how to the knit edge part.’ It was like she heard my thoughts. The next morning, there it was, the directions to do exactly what I was wondering about the night before…. OK, Enough from me…

Welcome Shauna!

Hi I’m Feelin’ Crafty readers! I am Shauna from Shwin&Shwin and we LOVE games! All games, our day is spent playing games. You name it we have played it. So when I was asked to play along with this fun game series I just had to say yes! Then came the fun part… which game inspired me the most? Hours of candy land? Jenga block piling? Twister with the bright circles? Then I realized the game that inspired all other game playing in our house was Ring around the rosies. Granted I have made a pocket full of posies top once before…but it was ready for a re-mix. There is something so inspiring about watching kids faces light up as they spin around in a circle and then flop down to the ground. The smiles…the laughter…the desire to do it again and again. So do you want to make your own pocket full of posies top?

The pieces of the top are all pretty basic. I drafted a basic top and cut it into two pieces (a bodice and skirt piece) If you need help with drafting you can check out this post HERE. You will also want a neck facing with is a strip that when stretched it can fit over the head. Then for the sleeve I did a bubble sleeve so to do that you will cut one sleeve larger and one sleeve smaller.

The skirt pieces will be front and back. Also cut out two pockets.

Now for the sewing. We will start with the pockets. Press all the edges under and then sew the top of the pocket to secure the fold.

Next pin the pockets to the skirt front. Sew along the sides and bottom.

Next I added some embroidery detailing to the skirt front. I added the words “ring around the rosies” along the bottom of the skirt.

Next sew the bodice pieces together at the shoulder.

Next sew the front skirt piece to the front bodice piece, and the back to the back.

Next for the sleeves. You will sew the smaller sleeve to the larger sleeve. To do this stretch the smaller sleeve to fit the larger one as you sew.

Then you should have a sleeve that looks a bit like this.

next with the sleeve folded together. and the large sleeve towards the right side of the top. Pin the sleeve in the sleeve opening, gather in the middle, so the sleeve fits the opening.

Next with the right sides together sew the sleeves and sides together.

Then for the neck facing, sew the ends together to create a tube.

Then fold the neck ribbing in half and sew it along the right side of the neck.

Then flip the ribbing upward and topstitch along the edge.

Lastly, I did added some embroidered flower stems.

Topped with flowers made from folded circles. (4 makes a circle)

And that’s all there is to it for a ring around the rosies inspired top.

Perfect for lots and lots of rounds of the game…

Thanks again for having us! Come stop by Shwin&Shwin anytime!


  1. Oh! I just ran across your blog and this super fun series. I love it! Seriously, what a fun idea!

  2. Amazing tutorial !! idea is too good . i am trying it today !!:)

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