Sew Ready to Play Continues On

Well….. Yes, the series was supposed to end last Friday… But the fun continues! Come on, let’s keep playing!

Have you ever played Mr. Fox? Well, I had never heard of it until a playdate this summer. Maybe our friends made it up, I don’t know… But either way it’s fun and my son loves it.

Here’s how it goes. Someone is Mr. Fox. Everyone else lines up away from, but facing Mr. Fox. Then someone from the line calls out, ‘What time is it Mr. Fox?’ Mr. Fox replies back with a time, ‘It’s 2 o’clock.’ The line takes 2 steps towards Mr. Fox. This goes on until the answer from Mr. Fox is, ‘It’s LUNCHTIME!!!’ Then Mr. Fox chases everyone and the first one he tags becomes the new Mr. Fox!

When I was figuring out what my project would be it was between making something related to Hullabaloo or Mr. Fox. I went with the Hullabaloo project. But then realized that the twins who taught us this game have a birthday coming up this week. Soooo, I decided to continue with my plan for the Mr. Fox inspired project, a fox mask!

And here’s how I made it. Pretty simple!

Step 1 Materials:

3 colors of felt, brownish red, cream and black. I bought a quarter yard of each, but you don’t even need that much, a fraction of that! I bought the felt on a bolt versus the craft felt.

Thin elastic, about 12″


Exacto Knife

Thread, cream and black

Pattern, click here for the pattern

Fabric Glue, optional. I didn’t use it, but I prefer to sew. If you don’t want to sew, use the glue.

Step 2:

Cut the pieces out of each color. Careful around the eyes, I had to cut mine twice!

Step 3:

Poke holes in the brown piece for the elastic to thread through.

Step 4:

Cut the elastic, 12″.

Step 5:

Thread the elastic through the holes.

Step 6:

Sew down the elastic. I did a line of stiching through the elastic and then I went over it with a zigzag stitch for a cleaner finished look on the back

Step 7:

Sew on the cream pieces.

Step 8:

Sew on the black pieces.

Step 9:

Watch out for foxes lurking about the house…. They’re sly ya know!


  1. He looks so cute in that mask! I love it! Have you made a whole woodland set? You should make the set and sell them… this is adorable! If you don’t… I will! 🙂

  2. I love the mask – I’ve been meaning to do something like this recently for fancy dress parties so thanks for the instructions and the gorgeous pictures – I think even my fussiest nephew would wear that!!

    It’s a very popular game where I’m from… (Surrey, UK) I played it a school (many moons ago!) as did my older sister and my mother too! Now my little niece plays it at her school (she is obsessed with the game, but she cheats by not walking any closer lol)
    I think I even had to ‘play’ it as part of a theatre show when I was a teenager!

    However ours was always Mr Wolf… as in “What’s the time Mr Wolf?”

    • I'm Feelin' Crafty says:

      Thank you! And thank you for your story about the game. I love hearing about how yall play it in other parts of the world!

  3. Thank you for posting these instructions!!! They were just what I needed to make the masks for my daughters birthday presents. These instructions were great to follow. You can see the masks you helped me make at

  4. I’d love to feature this adorable fox mask on the Britex Fabrics blog, and link back to you with the tutorial directions. I wanted to ask your permission to use a photo of your child wearing the mask though! Is that OK?

  5. What a sweet mask! I might need to make one for myself. Never too old to play dress up : )


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