Another New Purse!

I said I was closing up shop, but I had a special order request from a friend months ago (like maybe even last year….) oops… Man, I’m lame when it comes to getting things done on time… But hey, once it’s done, it’s pretty cool right???

Check out this version of my typical da-a tis purse!

It’s pretty much the same as the others I was making. Same size, one of my typical images on the front, inside pocket. But I added the rings to the straps, I oriented the fabrics a bit differently. And I changed the bottom. I combined my typical purse pattern and tote bag pattern and then through in a different fabric for the bottom.  I love how the bottom turned out! Oh, and check out the little ‘Made by da-a tis’ tag! I got them through a great deal on Pick Your Plum ( a fun deal of the day site).

As I was finishing this one, I totally came up with a plan for a new one for me. I’m sooo in the midst of birthday party obsession right now, so as soon as that’s over, I’ll try out my new design!! Why did I make this one in the midst of birthday party planning??? No clue!

Have you made yourself a bag lately?? Any tips on great patterns out there? I’ll have some of my favorites tomorrow, but would love to hear of yours as well!

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