Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me…

It’s my birthday! WoooHoo!! Another year at 25…. (I wish)

Notice anything missing from this picture?? Like maybe the icing on the cupcake? Well, last week was my son’s birthday. 3 years ago I got the best birthday present ever… The cutest little guy ever! So the other night we sung happy birthday, he blew out the candles, we all ate our cupcakes… Well, most of us. My son ate the icing off of his and then wanted to do it again! So we started over with the candles, another verse of Happy Birthday and more blowing out of candles!

A funny story… A few years back on my birthday I was lamenting the new number that was rolling over when I got an email from my cousin. She said, ‘Can you believe we’re 36???’ (or 24, I forget! I think that’s another sign of old age creeping in) But I was so excited, because I was thinking I was actually a year older than that!! It made my day!

And for my birthday, another giveaway to thank you for sharing the day with me! This week I’ll be giving one reader their choice of one of my wallets.

This giveaway is a little different than most, I picked another comment from the giveaway last week! Congratulations to comment Number 16, Hollie!


I’ll be in touch shortly with pictures for you to pick from!

I hope yall can celebrate with me today by having a great day!