Say, Is it So? Can It Be?

Did I just obsess for weeks about a birthday party?

Why, yes, yes, It’s true!

Come along and I’ll you show you!

Your mother will not mind at all if you do…

(If you’ve read The Cat in the Hat lately, you’ll get that… If not, now’s a good time to sit down and remind yourself of the fun!) And yes, We all speak Cat in the Hat speak fluently around here now!

OK, I’ll admit another thing about myself. I’m totally obsessive. Maybe you’ve noticed, maybe not… But the last few weeks, I’ve been in total party mode. Planning for The Cat in the Hat’s visit to my son’s 3rd birthday!

We had a food, we had life-size Dr Seuss characters, we had Truffula Trees, we had hand-made fish for favors, we had games and we had Nick and Sally to greet guests as they came up the front steps!

I started planning this summer. My husband just rolls his eyes and tries to come up with ideas to make things easier for me. Not that I asked for it to be easier, mind you! But as the time rolled on and it got closer to the big day, he came around and was being just as creative and busy as I.

This is a just a little sneak peek. I have a week (or more) scheduled soon for more details and tutorials from the party! So stay tuned for that! Early November, I believe…

But here’s my other issue… My party was wonderful! it didn’t turn out quite like we had planned because the weather turned out to be a typical stereotypically Seattle dreary misty day so the outside party had to be moved inside… But I had grand plans! And they kinda looked like this party and this party and this party. Beautifully fantastic parties! I know it’s not actually about how my party looks. It’s about my son and creating a fantastic day for him. He doesn’t mind if the desserts are lined up just right or if the cake is designed to a tee (and mind you, you won’t see many pictures of my cake. That’s another story….). He cared if his friends were here and if they all got cake or not! But, I still kinda kick myself when my things don’t turn out like a million dollars! Why do I do this to myself??? I know I can do it. I want to do it. One day, I will do it!

On my son’s birthday he woke up and asked, ‘Where is everyone?’ So I told him where Daddy was, where Nannie was and of course I was right there. He said, ‘No, Where is everyone? Where are all my buddies?’ He was ready for a paaarrrttttie! And that same excitement shown through his little adorable eyes through out the party! That’s what matters!

Update- Unfortunately, the invites and food labels are no longer available for sale or sharing.


  1. I hope you enter this party on some sort of party site! looks awesome!

  2. This is fantastic! I wish we could have been there!! Very impressive!

  3. Love ALL!!!!!
    And where is the dessert table?????

    And the fish favors were sooooooo precious!!!

    Thanks for doing all this and for you and Joe to make this 3rd birthday so special for Max and us!

  4. I am throwing a Cat in the hat party for my son on the 19th. I really like what I have seen and I hope to get more ideas from you soon. Yay for Pinterest. (where I found this blog)

    • I'm Feelin' Crafty says:

      I have tons more details coming soon! Yea! I’m so glad you found me and glad to hear that pinterest is bringing people my way. awesome!!

  5. Love the whole set up. I can tell you spent a great deal of time on everything.
    Great job.
    I’m planning on having a cat in the hat first birthday for my son as well. I absolutely love your invite. Is there any way you can tell me where you got it from?

    • The cards were made by me! I am not offering them as a printable at this time, but I am offering them edited and emailed to you for a small fee. I’ve emailed you directly about this. Thanks for the kind words!!

  6. I love the life size characters! Where did you find them?

  7. Stephanie Nichols says:

    Where did you get the invites? I’m throwing a Seuss party for my son’s first birthday and there are so many choices, but I really like the simplicity of yours. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • Thank you! I made the invites myself. I did have them listed in my etsy shop, but was asked to remove them. So they are, unfortunately, no longer available! And you’re right! There are a LOT of choices!

  8. This is fantastic! Dr. Seuss is fast becoming one of my daughter’s favourites. I’m sure I’ll be using these ideas in the future! 🙂


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