Kids Clothes Week Challenge- Day 1

WooooHoooo! It’s that time of year again! 

So if you’ve ever followed along with me, you know that I post my projects the next day. So technically yesterday was the first day. I sew at night. So I always post the next day….

I guess I could start the day before and then I’d actually have something to post the very first day… Hmmmm…. Maybe I’ll try that next time!

I prepared this weekend by cleaning out my closet. Cleaning out your closet, you ask??? yes, my closet. there were tons of clothes in there and they are about to be repurposed into clothes for the little guy! I’m going to try to use them all.

The first project last night was a quickie PJ project. I didn’t spend a lot of time cutting everything just right or any of that. This project was mostly to try out a couple of ideas. I’ve been wanting to try out the basic pants pattern from Dana Made It. And then I made my own top pattern and I wanted to give it a try.

They started as PJ’s of mine.

Then I used this tutorial from Cook Clean Craft for turning grown up pants into little pants. The pants fit pretty good (luckily, there was already a drawstring in the pants, because I kinda forgot to stretch out (or size down) the elastic!)

The top worked out pretty well, too.

One problem I had… I made the pattern from one of his snug PJ’s. The intent was to make it out of stretchy pj material, but I switched gears at the last minute (the fabric I was going to use hadn’t been washed yet) and then I continued and used my old pj’s that weren’t stretchy! OOPS! Well, the shirt fits great, but the sleeves are a bit tight. I’ll redo those tonight!

I used this Ringer shirt tutorial for the shirt, even though I didn’t use the knit. But man, I did learn how easy it is to make a shirt!! Why haven’t I done more of these? I’ve been scared for some reason. Tonight I’m going to try it with the jersey knit… We’ll see if I’m still as excited!

So all in all I think for an hour and half of work, it was a productive evening at the sewing machine!

Are you sewing along with the KCWC???