Kids Clothes Week Challenge- Day 2

Another pair of pants! And I’m not saying there’s not going to be more, because there will be!


Again, I started with a pair of my old pants.


And again I used the adult pants to kids pants and the basic pants tutorials that I used yesterday. Everything was going well until I got them made and realized, man, these legs are really skinny!!! I just couldn’t figure it out. I remember reading Dana’s tutorial and that she mentioned that her pattern was for a taller, skinny 3 year old. Well, my son isn’t chubby, but he’s not super skinny and he’s really not on the tall side… ok, yes, he’s a shorty (we all are!) So I was like, what is up with this pattern??? I laid out the pants and was like, hmmmm, maybe this pattern doesn’t include the seam allowance??? Because that’s about the right size, if I was to add a seam allowance…

So I went back and re-read her tutorial and realized that I had matched up the pattern pieces wrong, so the pattern was a little off.

I then reprinted the pattern and the one that came out of the printer was BIGGER than the one I had!! So after I had already made the pants, I realized that not only were the pattern pieces aligned wrong, but that there were also the wrong size!!

So here’s my new dilemma… Parts of the wrong pattern fit and parts don’t… So tonight while I’m working on my Day 3 project, I’m going to try the pattern one more time! 🙂

The thighs ended up a little tight and the booty is a little big…. But, to my surprise, they did end up fitting!

Anyway, despite all the ‘issues’ I was having, my son seemed to really like the pants I made! I put them on him just to see and he wouldn’t take them off. So he wore them all day at school. I even took an extra pair of pants just in case he decided he didn’t like them. And then we went to soccer lessons in them and he ran around all over and they didn’t fall down (remember I mentioned the booty was a little big?)