Spoooookkkkyyyy Decorating

Man, I’ve been having a scare with the cameras this week… My good camera keeps giving me an error message. So finally I go look in the manual and it that error message means it’s having an error different from all the other messages and take it to a service center or change the battery. Huh? I changed the battery, nothing. of course, neither of my batteries are fully charged… So then I pull out my little camera and start taking pictures, until…. The battery dies… So I change lenses on the good camera and so far so good… ergh! Frustrating… But enough of my ranting…

And on to my decorating! I just thought I’d share what I’ve been up to with my spooky Halloween decorating.

I showed you the art I hung the other day, but here’s the whole area. Finished with spider webs and bats and spiders and jack o lanterns….

The internet overfloweth with Halloween projects and some of those projects inspired me to actually get on it and craft them myself! Three of which I included in my Halloween link love a few weeks ago.

The big BOO was quite an interesting project! (Tutorial here)I look at it and think, ‘I’ll do that real quick…’ Um, no. It takes a while! Easy, but time-consuming! I got the B and the last O that the store had. I just assumed that they would get another one… Um, no. again. So I went to another store and they had a damaged O so I scooped it up! then I got home and was about to wrap it in yarn when I noticed that it wasn’t the same shape of the other O I had… So back to the store I went. No more O’s. And it ends up I had a damaged Q, not a damaged O. And plus the letters were now on sale, so I couldn’t use my 50% off coupon. Then it was one of those Ah Ha! moments… I knew that if I lined them up next to each other and they weren’t the same it would drive me INSANE. So then came the skeleton hanging on to the falling over O and the bats flying out… And it ends up working for me! What do you think?

And the bats (template via Country Living), I cut and cut and cut! Then got some double-sided tape because I didn’t want to use my good double-sided tape. The stuff I had has paper on one side that you have to peel off. But as I was using my ‘new’ tape, I’d put three up, then one would fall off, then I’d hang another and another would fall off… So, I realized the good tape is really good…. Funny!

And the framed piece is from Tatertots and Jello.

And the outside…

We’ve been putting up the sheer fabric with silhouettes and green lighting for the last three years. But this year we got it up and felt that something was missing! we thought that there was more and I though well, maybe the other image fell off somehow??? looking back, nope. It’s the same as it has been for the last three years. So i added more bats. Much better! I’m thinking next year I want more of a real ‘scene’. Any suggestions????

The dining room table….

And my son LOVES the mice we put up every year!

Have you gotten all your decorations up and ready for the big night?

Now it’s off to make the kiddo’s costume! My 3 year old has asked to be Curious George dressed up like a monster! Fun!!