Dr Seuss Party Series- Shall We Play? With a Printable!

Say, Shall we play??

Yes, Yes, It’s a Birthday!

Games!! Yes, I know, this was a party for a 3 year old… I was told by a couple of people that you don’t need a lot of entertainment at this age…. Well, Dad and I kept coming up with games and games and more games! We did narrow it down to the Gack Ring Toss, Pin the Hat on the Cat and Dr Seuss Hullabaloo.

Thanks to Daddy, we have the only Gack in town! I kinda pushed for the Gack game! I love love loved One Fish Two Fish and all the characters, including the Gack when I was a kid. So I think I’m feelin’ like the coolest kid in town having the only Gack around!

Dad made the Gack  with the overhead projector, plywood and paint. Then came finding the rings! Not quite as easy as I thought it would be. We ended up with a couple sets of dollar store bracelets. Before the party the Birthday Boy and his Dad were having a hard time getting the rings on, but the kids seemed to make it just fine!

My son LOVES his Hullabaloo game! If you’ve been following along for a while, a little bit back we made a special bag for his game so he can take it on all his adventures! To honor that love, we made a Dr Seuss version of the game!

I was slaving away at this project coming up with themes based on Dr Seuss illustrations. I was planning on rewriting the whole game and having my husband call out the next game piece to stand on…. That is until my husband made the whole idea sooooo much easier! He asked why I wasn’t just using the same colors and images from the original game, but with Dr Seuss drawings instead of the Cranium illustrations… Ummmm, well, Daddy, that’s a great idea! I switched gears and found images from Dr Seuss books for all of the Hullabaloo game pieces. The only one I couldn’t find was spaghetti, so I added a Dr Seuss character holding the Hullabaloo image. I was loving trying to find all the images! And it worked to turn on the Hullabaloo game box and they just played along with the new game pieces! I printed the pieces on a heavy cardstock and then laminated them with clear Contact paper for more longevity!

Download the game pieces to add to your Hullabaloo game here.

And then the traditional Pin the Hat/Tail on something! Pin the Hat on the Cat was much more fun than I thought it would be! This was the biggest hit of the day! I was so surprised that it kept the attention of the kids the whole time. Again, we used the overhead projector for the Cat drawing. Then I wrote in everyone’s names on their game piece hats.

Most all the kids played the Pin the Hat on the Cat game. After it was over, we were debating figuring out how to decide who won and all the kids got super quiet…. Then I said, instead of one winner EVERYONE gets a lollipop, then they all started jumping up and down!!! It was a good decision!

Download the hats here.

I used this font for the names.

I hope you have an opportunity to play these games with your kiddos! Enjoy! It’s your turn!

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  1. When you made the Gak did you use an old-style projector like the ones in schools where you take a photo and have it printed on clear laminate then project onto the wall to trace? If so could you e-mail the photo file you used for the Gak and where do you have it printed so you can use it with a projector? Thanks.

    • Thanks again! Yes, we just used an old school overhead projector. I just scanned an image from the book and printed it on a transparency that you can get at any office supply store. Then my husband drew it, cut it out, added a base and painted it.

  2. Great post and job well done on the party! Looks like it was a truly magical and Seussical day for the kiddies! I’m in the process of planning a Seuss party for my soon-to-be 1 year old and your ideas are really inspiring! I just might have to try to make the gack too! What’s a party without a gack!

  3. Reblogged this on Over the Moon Therapy and commented:
    Oh my gosh, these are some great ideas! The games fit so well for Read Across America Month and Dr. Seuss’s birthday. I’ll be using the activities as jump off’s for language interventions during speech-language therapy sessions. Thanks!

  4. Maggie Z says:

    I want a Gak so bad! I have that book memorized even years after reading it over and over to my first. Now my almost 4 year old is a huge Dr. Seuss fan. Did he use a jigsaw and one piece of plywood to cut it? Do you have dimensions?

    • I loved this book as a kid! He did use a jigsaw and a piece of plywood. With the help of an overhead projector. It’s still in the backyard! I’m not exactly sure how big it is. I think its about 4 feet tall to the tip of the horns.


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