Mmmmm…. Cookies…. a mini tutorial

mmmmm… Me likes Cookies!! And my son seems to loves cookies and Cookie Monster!

I’m not exactly sure where this obsession originated. And actually it’s just an obsession with Cookie Monster hats! A few weeks ago my son went to Target with his Dad and came home with a Cookie Monster baseball cap!

Then we were at the store the other day (Wal-mart… shhh…) and he found a Cookie Monster t-shirt and beanie cap combo that was way to big for him… And it was 10 bucks. And here’s the part where I’ve turned into my mother. I told my son, ‘No, I can make that.’ And thought to myself, ‘I can make it and I can make it for less than 10 bucks.’ And what do we find but a little blue beanie just dying for Cookie Monster eyes!

We got the blue beanie for $1.27 and I had the rest of the supplies (yes, all two pieces of felt) at home! And this is what I did…

1. Materials:

Blue beanie hat

Black and White felt (just a little bit, at the most 4″ squares of each)


and Scissors

2. Cut the pieces, the sizes can be whatever you happen to have nearby that’s a circle shape! My white circles are about 1 1/2″.

3. Sew the white to the large black circles.

4. Sew the little black eyeball to the whites of the eyes.

5. Sew the eyes onto the hat.

And Wahla! About 20 minutes later you have your very own Cookie Monster hat!

Which character would you make??

Have a good weekend!

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