Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

I hope everyone has had a great holiday season where ever you might be and whatever you might belive!

I’m going to start this post by taking a peek at some of my favorite projects from 2011.

Curious George Dressed Up Like A Monster, Project Organization, Halloween Paper Cut

Magnetic Bookmark, Pillowcase Dresses, Dr Seuss Party

Winter Paper Cut, Monster Towel, Fabric Flower

I decided to start by looking back because I needed a little end of the year boost….

Should I make a New Year’s resolution??? I don’t know! My life is so up in the air right now! I don’t know what to do! I’ve been looking for a job, not very intently by any stretch of the imagination. there aren’t many jobs out there for my profession at the moment. Here’s my dilemma… Do I take this opportunity to make my sewing, or crafting, or photography my new profession? I’m grappling with a huge confusion over what to do, how to do it, how to plug in…. I see so many wonderful bloggers writing books, having huge blogs that generate an income (Or a bit of an income anyway), being featured on TV and in magazines and just in general making it by making their creative spirit work for them, and I’m not… So after having said all this, I am taking this time off from work to enjoy my family and my creative spirit! So maybe my first New Year’s resolution should be to take that huge leap of faith to try something different…

image via Dear Musketeer 

I’ve been reading a bunch of other end of the year posts and what I have found the post interesting is despite everyone’s beautiful blogs and happiness that oozes from our daily and weekly posts, not everyone has had a great year. But a lot of us don’t blog about the things don’t make us smile in our personal lives. Yes, I’m sure plenty of people do, but the blogs I follow, you just don’t hear much about ‘those other’ things.

Then Yesterday I was in my end of the year blues and came up with a long list of pity party themes!! And I wanted to write a long blog post detailing everything that I didn’t do this year. I won’t bore you with the details…. Athough for entertainments’ sake, I will tell you the broad range of themes I came up with to sulk about…. Some about blogging, some about my unemployment status, some about my parenting skills, some about my life not being ‘exciting’ enough, some about my lack of architectural prowess, and just some random things….

Luckily for us all my brain just kicked itself in the arse and by the end of the evening I was making fun of myself for some of the thoughts I had!

Then today 2 things happened! I decided to sit down and look at my blog and pick my favorite projects! And secondly, I read this blog post by decor8 about listing your accomplishments rather than your to do list or resolutions that didn’t get done…..

One of my pity party themes was about blogging and being featured on thier blogs. Then I realized, (as my son says) ‘WHAT????‘, I had a great year! And part of that was being featured on other blogs!

My Owl Barn, Prudent Baby, Sugar Bee Crafts

Madigan Made, Freshly Pressed, Stitch Steals

Celebrate the Boy, All the Dragon Wings made by readers and more, The Southern Institute

Thank you, a huge thank you, to all those that featured me and those that made my dragon wings! And thank you to all my guests this year. And lastly, but not the least for sure, thank you to all my readers! You’ve helped make my blogging and crafting/sewing year a success!

image by Drew Melton of The Phraseology Project via Twig and Thistle 

Merry Christmas!!

I hope y’all are having a great holiday season and if Christmas is your special day, Merry Christmas! And Happy Holidays to everyone!!

I’ve been talking a lot about my glitter and sparkle decorations so I thought today I’d take a moment to welcome you to my home for a little glimpse into our holiday…

Almost all of the presents were wrapped in the gift bags that I love to make!

The advent calendar was well loved once again this year!

One of my favorite pieces to set up is our little North Pole! And the glitter angel flies above… (I did add more silver and am much happier!)

I did my holiday art wall again. But it’s really bland this year if you ask me… Not sure what else it needs… I’ll work on that for next year!

And the dining room with the star tree!

The house was beautiful this morning piled with presents for everyone… Now it’s a mess with presents opened and spread out everywhere!!!

Happy Holidays to everyone and I’ll write again in the new year! (I’m taking a little family break from blogging for the next week) Thank you all for reading!!!

Hark the Herald Angels Sing of Glitter

This is not my last glitter project, but it is the last one I will bore you with!! I just can’t help sharing the love of the glitter!

Remember the trip I took to Goodwill to look for the stand for my little Christmas tree??? Well on that trip I found this great metal angel… I forgot to take the truly before picture as she was when she came home, but originally she was holding a watering can. I didn’t want the watering can! So my husband cut that off for me and now have a wonderful little angel ornament!

Well, almost perfect…. Nothing a little glitter can’t make perfect!

Again, the spray glue, the glitter and the angel… Just like I did with the reindeer!

First I did a layer of silver to mask out the brown and then about 3 layers of the white glitter, but I”m not sure I’m in love with the white. She just doesn’t sparkle like I want… I’m debating whether to cover her with one more thin layer of silver… Or another color??? Thoughts? Yes, it is almost (two days until) Christmas and I’m still decorating!

Anyway, I think she’s just heavenly and will fill the blank spot that my three-year old son told me needed a ribbon and bow!

Have a beautiful Holiday weekend!! I’ll be back this weekend to show off all the decorations put together!

On Donner, On Vixen, Onto the Glitter We Go!

My husband decided to change my name to Sparkle!

Last year I found some awesome wooden reindeer at the local drugstore. And they were priced just right for me! So I grabbed some. And then went back and got some more, which I had forgotten about until we unpacked the decorations this year.

Last year I painted three of them silver and I just loved them. But of course (as you are probably expecting), this year, glitter… Not surprised??? Yeah, you’ve got me figured out!!

Again, out came the glitter and the glitter glue for the reindeer. And I have to same, I’m such happier with the glitter glue after doing this project! I think the hard surface seems to hold the glue better than the porous surface of the styrofoam. I did it in stages. Sprayed the glue on the head, antlers and neck, then glittered, let dry and do the body. Repeat with the glue, glitter and dry. Then the legs. Repeat with the glue, glitter and dry. Lastly,  then the touch-ups where needed.

I’m still marveling at how beautiful these turned out!


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A Glitterific Holiday Season!

OK, back to crafting and no sewing again… More about some sewing projects after the holidays!

But this week, it’s all about glitter!!! I know I’ve mentioned my love for glitter at Christmas time, but I’m gonna say it again! I don’t know why, but I’m not a huge fan of glitter projects most of the year, but I look forward to the holidays so I can bust out the glitter projects I’ve done and I know I can do more!!

Soooo, about our wreath…

I got a huge fake wreath from Joann’s and my husband hated it! He thought it looked too fake. And he was right…. But I had grand plans for painting it white and hanging it on our dark green house….  Then we found the nicely priced real wreaths at Costco. We got two. One for the mantel and one for the front door. We came home and hung it and my grand wreath plans went fluttering away. Even the tag was still on it and we could see it from inside! Then I went to someone else’s house and they had the exact same wreath and I thought to myself, ‘This is a Costco wreath… I can’t have people coming to my front door thinking, ‘Oh, look, they got a Costco wreath as well!’

So out came the glitter, some ribbon, a little styrofoam wreath I had for a different project and some glitter glue.

I was soooo excited about the glitter glue, but I was not impressed how it worked with the styrofoam. It worked, but not as well as I wanted it too!!! as I was in the midst of making the glitter wreath, I had the idea to not remove the pinecones and fake berries, which I usually do, but to glitter them as well!

What do you think? I am still torn about the pinecones and fake berries. I like the hint of glitter on the pinecones, but I think it would look weird with one the pinecones… So I think it’s all staying!

I’ve put my glittery mark on the Costco wreath! (and if you look closely, you can see my glittery trees through the front door in the background….)


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A Tree Topper Tutorial

So why am I not sewing right now?? I’m kinda wondering the same thing! So many things left to sew and make!

Anyway, do you have a favorite tree topper? Growing up we had an angel. A beautiful angel that my Uncle brought home from Germany. (I think it was my Uncle… I’ll have to find out about that!) But since I’ve left home, I still haven’t found that special piece.

We have this star that was really a really big ornament that we cut a hole in the bottom so it would stay on the tree. And it’s pretty and it works… But, it’s just not it… I came up with something new today!

I’m going to digress… Usually I do this on accident, but this time I’m digressing on purpose! I love huge trees! One year my Mom and I got one that was SOOOO big we had to cut part of the tree off. It was the first year in this new house and we were so excited that we kinda overestimated the height of the ceiling!!! My husband loves little bitty trees… So when we first got together we made a deal. Each year we’d switch. One year is the big tree year and the next is the little tree year. This year was supposed to be a big tree year, but before going out looking I agreed to a little tree. With the little guy running around our little house, it seemed to make sense. So I ran out to Goodwill and found a little tiny table to put our tiny tree on. Then we ended up getting a big tree!! So back went the table to Goodwill. And of course, I couldn’t help but look at their Christmas things. I fond a few tree toppers and I grabbed them. Then put them back. They weren’t what I wanted.. Actually not at all! But as I was leaving, empty-handed, I caught a glimpse of their tree topper and thought to myself, that’s kinda cute…

Then at home I walked by a bag of things in my sewing room that hadn’t been put away… Including the glittery paper I used in my Winter Paper Cut piece. The sparkle caught my eye and in no time I was making a new tree topper!

Here’s how I did it:

1. Materials

4 colors of paper, glittery or not

Exacto knife

Glue (I forgot to put it in the picture)


Wire Cutters


2. Cut the strips.

(7) 1 1/2 or 2 inch by 12 inch strips

(7)  1 inch by 9 inch strips

(8) 1/2 inch by 5 inch strips

3. Fold over each strip

4. Staple each folded piece.

5. Staple all the strips together.

6. Repeat for each color.

7. Cut the wire.

8. Secure the wire to the largest star.

9. Cut the center star.

10. Staple the small star to the middle star and glue the center star to the smallest star.

11. Secure the stars together. I used the wire to secure the smaller stars to the biggest star. My glitter paper was heavy heavy cardstock for the big and middle stars. So by the time they were all stapled together, they were to thick to staple to each other. If your paper isn’t so think  you can just staple them all together!

And then hang on the tree!

I hung mine in front of some lights and I love the way it lights up the loops as the lights twinkle!

Is this the tree topper that will be the ONE for all the years, I don’t know… But for now, I’m happy!


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Sewing Again… Ipad Covers

If I only had an Ipad… I’ve got a cover for one! Actually I have two covers just waiting for their very own Ipad’s! Is that what they call wishful thinking???

OK, I’m not that desperate to make covers for something I only wish I had… A lady I used to work with requested a cover for her Kindle (which hasn’t been done yet) and a cover/pouch for her sister’s Christmas present. The Christmas present came first!

I started with this one and was winging it with dimensions I found online. And it ended up working out nicely, except the pockets are not perfectly centered and that bothers me. Maybe it wouldn’t bother others…  (I did get the It’s nice with the scrunchy nose reaction from the husband, so it must have bugged him too!) But once I got the flap on it, you don’t notice the pockets nearly as much. And I like it much better now that it’s done.

But meanwhile, as I’m sewing along, this pillow comes to mind…

And I loved how it seemed to be sized perfectly for an Ipad cover! Even though i hadn’t finished the first one yet, I knew I had to make this one into an Ipad cover as well… and Wahla! Ipad Cover #2…

I’m not a huge fan of velcro, except in my 3 year old’s shoes. I’m personally a big magnet kinda person… But I read such mixed reviews about whether or not the magnets affect Ipad and Iphones, so I went with the velcro instead. Maybe next time I’ll use snaps…

All in all I’m excited about how they turned out!

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Here Comes Santa Claus with a little Christmas Subway Art Printable

Here comes Santa Claus, Here comes Santa Claus, Right down Santa Claus Lane, And I’ve got a blog that’s filled with toys (i.e.printables) For boys and girls (and grown-ups) again.

A little summer Christmas cheer! This past summer I was out thrift shopping and came across two versions of old ‘Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer’ books and some wonderful vintage blue ornaments. Both of the books were 2 bucks so I snatched them right up!

I didn’t think much about them. Wrapped them up and stuck them on a shelf until just a little while ago… I think I’ve mentioned that my son LOVES Christmas and Rudolph and singing Christmas carols. To add to the fun, we went on a Santa Train adventure and the conductor was full of useless information and could belt out a song without any sense of tune or rhythm. (His singing did end up being one of the most memorable parts of the whole adventure, but I digress…) Anyway, he mentioned the story of Rudolph being a marketing ploy back in 1939. I knew this as well, but the year stuck with me this time. (And why do you tell this story to a train full of little kiddos who still believe in Rudolph, Mr. Conductor???)

Back to the books… So I got the old trifted finds books down and we started reading them and I noticed the date on the really old one… 1939! 1939 is the year that Montgomery Ward had Robert L May write the story for a promotional give away to entice customers! Mine is missing the cover or else it would probably be worth something, but even so I’m sure it’s worth more than the 2 dollars I paid for it. The story is a version that I have never heard before! And the graphic illustrations by Denver Gillen are just awesome!

I want to scan the whole book and print it so that my son can actually play with it and enjoy it without me saying, ‘Nope, that’s just for Momma to read and touch!’ But in the meantime, I made a printable to share (for your personal use only….)

Yes, the words aren’t from ‘Rudolph’, they are from ‘Here Comes Santa Claus’. Did I mention my son loves Christmas carols? Oh, yes, I did! He REALLY loves them. He sings them all the time! I could go on about funny kid stories, but I won’t right now… Anyway… We were listening the other day in the car and Elvis started singing ‘Here Comes Santa Claus’ (on the radio, no Elvis is not alive and riding around Seattle with us!) For some reason the words to the song just really grabbed me. Combining Santa with the true reason of the season… I don’t know why it hit me the other day, but for some reason I fell in love with this song all over again! Hence my printable!

Click here to download.

There are so many beautiful Christmas Carols! What’s your favorite???

And did you see me somewhere in the post??? I’m thinking about using this as my About Page Photo!

ok, Yeah! I’m back to sewing!!!

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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

I’m probably one of the last crafty bloggers to get with the whole holiday decorating thing! Running a bit behind schedule! And I’m not exactly sure how that happened with my new employment status… Hmmm…. Oh, well, it doesn’t matter, we’ve been having a blast seeing the lights come up  and the decorations all around!

I debated on the name of this post for a while… It was between what I went with and ‘Salt Dough, Finger Nail Polish and Glitter’. Yes, I fell for it… The salt dough ornaments that are all over the internet these days…

I have a plan for my little stars… More about that later. I hated the larger glitter, but once I switched to the glitter ‘dust’ I love love my little stars!

I used this recipe and baked them at 250 for about 3 or 4 hours.

The  salt dough was fun for the kiddo. He helped mix it, and stamp it. We were having a little playdate and I wanted to have some of the ornaments baked for them to paint… I didn’t realize they were supposed to cook for like 4 hours! And I also didn’t realize that all my Christmas stamps are still in boxes. But they had fun stamping and balling up the dough into different shapes…

It was also fun glittering and decorating them, the whole family, later in the night!

My intention is to paint and/or glitter all the ornaments and tags, but a few are going au natural as gift tags!

The finger nail polish! Have you seen these fingernail polish ornaments from The Cheese Thief? It’s pretty cool! There are a couple of drawbacks to this activity… Finger nail polish is much more expensive than I remember it being and the toxic smell! But it’s fun, cool results and if you mess it up, you can wash it off and start over!

Mine don’t look quite as good as ones shown on The Cheese Thief . But I worked on it for about an hour and I have a feeling  she worked on it for quite a bit longer to really master the technique!

And then I dropped them… My son was devastated! He totally got on my case about making a mess and breaking our project. He even ran downstairs and told on me to Daddy. Needless to say, it was totally an accident. And of course I broke my favorites…

and a little teaser… Glitter balls… What do you think those are going to be????

Project Organization- Done!!

After 7 garbage bags of fabric donate to others, 2 car loads full to Goodwill and Wellspring and a third little load to a friend in need my Project Organization is pretty much complete! The other day I had to go by Goodwill before picking up my son from school because even his car seat was loaded down! I do still need to get back to the garage, but between now and Christmas, it’s all about Christmas!

Wah-la!!! Welcome to my ‘studio’. It’s actually the computer room, my sewing room, my husband’s craft/painting room and once granddaddy gives my son his craft table it will also be the kid’s craft space! And no, it’s not a large space… But it’s what we have. I also don’t have the luxury of daylight! Our room is a basement room and when we redid it, we opted out of adding a window. One idea we’ve regretted…. The rest of the basement is daylit, but not our crafty room…


Anyway, I’m soooo loving the vertical fabric storage! everything is folded and can be seen. I also used to have a bunch of strings hanging out. No more!!! And its color coordinated. ROY G BIV, I love you!

I had to work around the fact that the shelves are a bit different, so most fabric shelves are the same size, but there was a couple of shelves that were a little larger, so the larger fabrics went on those. Got bins for different colored scraps. One shelf is still dedicated to clothing to be reused, including an old leather coat that is slated for a kiddo vest. Fleece is all together. Yarn finally found its own home. Felt is all together.

ok, I just had to do this… A before and after! Ok, the before is actually a few hours after the project started. It didn’t look this bad before I started!

ok, tomorrow I’m off to the craft store for glitter! Christmas projects, here I come!! what projects have you been working on???