Christmas Cards- Printables for You

November 12, 2012 Update- These cards are no longer available for download! They have been updated for 2012 and are available in my etsy shop!

Have you gotten your Christmas cards in the mail yet?? Have you ordered them?? I have got to place my order as soon as I write this post. I was starting early, but somehow time got away from me…. somehow…. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I proceeded to make 3 cards instead of 1 and continure to keep tweaking them… and thinking about them and tweaking them… and…. Must stop tweaking holiday cards. Must stop. Order….. But first, I’ll share!

The last few years I’ve been designing my own cards instead of ordering stock cards. And this year I made mine, my Mother’s and an extra. I had an idea of exactly what I wanted and made it. Then had an idea for another one. Kinda like it better, but am sticking with my first thought. And lucky for you, you’re welcome to share in my handiwork and download yours and make it your own as well!!

This is the one I am using! At least one picture from each month of the year. I’m not sure why exactly I wanted to do it this way, but the idea has been in the back of my head for months! So I’m sticking with it! And while I was at it, I couldn’t just make the cards… I also had to make coordinating envelope liners and address labels (click here for the tutorial. yes, I’m kinda obsessed with liners and wrap around labels).

Does this one look familiar??? Ahhh, yes! It’s the paper cut I did last week. If you’re on my Mom’s mailing list, keep your eyes open for this one to be landing in your mailbox real soon.

And this is the third one I made… And right now, the one that no one is using! I just had an idea and made it.. Next year! See, I’m preparing early. Next year I won’t need to make a card!!


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Wow! That was a lot of work… I need to get sewing…