Sewing Again… Ipad Covers

If I only had an Ipad… I’ve got a cover for one! Actually I have two covers just waiting for their very own Ipad’s! Is that what they call wishful thinking???

OK, I’m not that desperate to make covers for something I only wish I had… A lady I used to work with requested a cover for her Kindle (which hasn’t been done yet) and a cover/pouch for her sister’s Christmas present. The Christmas present came first!

I started with this one and was winging it with dimensions I found online. And it ended up working out nicely, except the pockets are not perfectly centered and that bothers me. Maybe it wouldn’t bother others…  (I did get the It’s nice with the scrunchy nose reaction from the husband, so it must have bugged him too!) But once I got the flap on it, you don’t notice the pockets nearly as much. And I like it much better now that it’s done.

But meanwhile, as I’m sewing along, this pillow comes to mind…

And I loved how it seemed to be sized perfectly for an Ipad cover! Even though i hadn’t finished the first one yet, I knew I had to make this one into an Ipad cover as well… and Wahla! Ipad Cover #2…

I’m not a huge fan of velcro, except in my 3 year old’s shoes. I’m personally a big magnet kinda person… But I read such mixed reviews about whether or not the magnets affect Ipad and Iphones, so I went with the velcro instead. Maybe next time I’ll use snaps…

All in all I’m excited about how they turned out!

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  1. I love your Ipad covers. Did you embroider the flowers and bird by hand or is that machine work? 🙂

  2. I love this! Please feel free to linkup to the Success U – Wednesday Linkup Party at

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