Beading Backstitch- A Mini Tutorial

Do you bead?? Me? No… Until last week…

The other day I showed you my cute little Elf. And on this elf is a beautiful almost straight line of pearls along his collar. Well…. That was my first ever attempt at beading anything since I was probably, oh, maybe 6… So I did have to figure it out. And what I learned was the beading backstitch!

Step 1: materials:





Step 2: Pull the thread through the fabric with the knot on the back side of the fabric. String three beads onto the needle and tight to the front side of the fabric.

Step 3: Pull the thread back through the fabric to the wrong side at the end of the third bead.

Step 4: Pull the thread back through to the front of the fabric between the first and second beads.

Step 5: Pull the thread through beads two and three.

Step 6: Start over at Step 3…

Until you have your line, or your heart…

When I was doing the curved pieces of the heart, I did the same technique, but only used 2 beads at a time.

And yes, despite my obsessiveness, I have not perfected my technique…. But for the heart to be my second beading attempt, I’m happy! And of course, it would look a whole lot better if I used coordinating, rather than contrasting, thread. The contrasting thread was used only for clarification of the technique. Ha, I sacrificed perfection in the name of tutorials!

Just a quickie for you today! I’m excited about the beads and have another use for them in this quick project I’m working on!! Do you know of any awesome beading artists?? I’d love to see their work!

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