Baby Gifts!

A while back I made a friend of mine some baby gifts for her new little guy! She really liked them and asked for me to make some for a friend of her’s… I couldn’t say no to sewing baby gifts!

I finally got them done! The blanket was the same as before, a pattern from Amy Butler’s book Little Stitches for Little Ones. It’s called the snuggie blanket and is a hooded blanket with a wrap piece. It’s a great pattern and super simple to make!

I had decided that I would use a color pallet of teal, red and white (loving that, maybe from left over from my Dr. Seuss Party???)

So I get to the store, thinking, ‘This won’t take long! I know just what I want!’ Um…. Well, let’s just say I had to reinvent the project color scheme. The store didn’t have anything I wanted. And I don’t know the friend of a friend, so I was hesitant on what to pick out! I finally ended up with these browns, greens and oranges. I loved it, but was still a bit unsure if anyone else would… So I emailed my friend and told her, crossing my fingers that she’d be ok with it. Ends up the nursery for this new little one coming along is green and brown!!! Can I tell you how relived that made me??? MAN!!!

I haven’t made one of my Ghostie dolls in ages! I used to love to make them, because they always make me laugh when I turn them right side out. And this one didn’t let me down! He popped right side out and it was like he was saying, ‘Hey, where have you been? What have you been making? It hasn’t been Ghosties and look how cute we are!’ Warning: You might be seeing more Ghosties in the near future….


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  1. Adorable gift!!! Saw you at Love Affair. 🙂


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  2. […] wings posted on etsy. Well, she has a two-year old daughter who is addicted to tags! I made her a ghostie and I’m sure she loves it, but it doesn’t get played with very often because of the […]

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