Weekend Whims- Boy’s T-shirts

I’ve been thinking a LOT about boy’s t-shirts! I’ve saved some old pj’s to re-do a shirt… But I’m getting closer to actually making the t-shirts!!

In the meantime, here are some that I’ve been thinking about that are already made by someone else…

1. I’m sure most everyone has seen this one, it’s ALL OVER the internet. because it’s adorable… The 90 minute shirt by Dana Made It.

2. Another popular one is the Ringer Shirt by Crafterhours.

3. Love the Baseball Style Tee (and the applique) by Make It and Love It.

4. I’m seriously thinking of purchasing the Flashback Tee Pattern from Made by Rae, and I don’t buy many patterns….

5. I was lucky enough to win a copy of Sewing For Boys on the blog tour! And in that book are some really awesome patterns. There’s a pair of pants I’ve also been meaning to make, but since we’re talking shirts here…. There’s a raglan tee pattern in the book that sounds like it’s really easy! This cool one is made by Noodlehead.

ok, I have to get on this project!!


  1. Awesome info. Thanks for sharing.


  1. […] foresee any new tutorials by me, but breaking out patterns that I’ve wanted to try! Like the t-shirts I mentioned a while back (I’ve pulled a bunch of dad’s shirts out from his Goodwill […]

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