Weekend Whims- Barn Quilts

Have you ever heard of Barn Quilts??? I had never even heard of them until last Sunday when I found out that this week’s Project Quilting challenge theme was Barn Quilts. So of course, I started looking all over the internet, making plans for one for our garage and basically thinking about them all the time! They are really beautiful!

From what I have found out is that they are a super old art form that began as a decorative piece on barns, but soon became a way finding method between farms and towns. They were primarily a Northeast barn thing that psread to the Midwest. It seems that this decorative piece missed the South and seeing as how I grew up in the south, I missed it. I’m curious though… Are they there and I’ve just never noticed? I didn’t see any online, but I’m going to keep an out next time I’m home! Anyway, I digress… eventually the Barn Quilts gave way to advertisements….

photo by Two Sprints

Like the See Rock City barns that I did grow up with!!

The Barn Quilts are now making a comeback and with them Barn Quilt Trails and tourist maps!

Some of my favorites…

1. This is one that is actually painted directly on the barn. Photo by SKnights Art Photography.

2. Not only do I love these two barn quilts by Fisher Folk Art , I alos love the picture by Barn Quilt Memories.

3. How cool is this airplane one at the Grimes Municipal Airport in Urbana, Ohio??? If my son was into airplanes, I would have made this one for this weeks challenge for sure. I might still have to give it a try!

4. Another lovely pattern, The Carpenter’s Wheel, at Cooper’s Farm, photographed by Blue Ridge Blog.

5 and 6. Two great Barn Quilts on US 60 west of Morehead, Ky, photographed by David McLane.

7. I fell in love with this one as soon as I saw it on Kim’s blog! It’s outside of Elleroy, IL, and photographed by wantadog.

8. I think this last one is the same pattern as #7, a Shining Star by Prairie Patchwork, but I loved it too….


I’m sure most everyone else already knew about these awesome quilts????? Do you have one? I want one!!


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