Sending a Love Note

So I’ve been punching and punching and punching and…. (you get the point!) Hearts and holes! the first project I did the hearts for was our Valentine’s.

I love how they turned out!

And they were super simple. No tutorial needed, but I did take a picture of the matierials I used. The paper punch, paper, thread, double sided tape and envelopes! That’s aout it.. Ooh! and the sewing machine and the computer! (They didn’t fit in the picture!) I just punched th hearts out. Then I printed the Happy Valentine’s Day on the white paper. Cut out the white and pink paper to fit the envelope. Then I stitched on the hearts, added double sided tape and inserted the pink paper and stuck them together.

I also made my address labels that I love. And I couldnt resist another opportunity to use my little heart punch!!

Did you make Valentine’s this year? are you wishing for anything for Valentine’s Day? I’m wishing for some chocolate covered strawberries! I just sent my son downstairs to eat his strawberries with his dad and told him to ask his dad to order some chocolate covered strawberries… I wonder if it will work!

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Ghosties with Heart

I have been making these stuffie dolls that I call Ghosties for, what, maybe 5 years now??? It’s been a while! I haven’t made any in a while until the other day when my friend asked for one. After that one, I remembered how fun they are to make! And with this whole Valentine’s day inspiration crafty thing going on at my house, I got inspired to whip up a batch of more of them. More of them, with a Valentine’s Day twist!

Welcome Valentine’s Day Ghosties!!

Like I said they have always been fun for me to make. I love seeing their little faces and ears once I pull them through! They all start with the same pattern, but they all end up looking a little bit different. It’s like they have their own little personality.

Like this guy, doesn’t he look like a little puppy wanting to follow you home??

I closed my shop a little while back, but am thinking about reopening! I took most of these Ghosties and an assortment of other pieces I’ve made to one of my shops today. So if you’re local and need a ‘Ghostie with a Heart’ swing by Twilight Artist Collective and pick one up.

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Yarn Hearts- 2 Projects!

I started this project with the intention of doing my Valentine wreath, but in the process another project came to light! So today we have a Valentine Wreath and a cute favor or lunch bag, both transformed with a little yarn heart!

The first one is the cute little bag with the hearts! Just punch some holes in the kiddos lunch bag, add a ribbon, a yarn heart and some love and send them off for a special Valentine’s Day lunch. They’re bound to be the envy of the other kids with their plain brown bag lunches….

And Project Number 2…. This project might look a little familiar to ya! This is the second time I’ve redone this wreath… And… You might think I’m a little looney… Yes, until today we’ve still had our Christmas wreath up on the front door! OK, hear me out… It’s still green. It’s not dropping needles (well, until I started removing the Christmas decorations anyway). It’s still pretty from the outside and inside (the plus of having a french door for a front door, you can see it from the front and back). And it still smells good! I know, I can’t belive it either, but it’s all true!!!

If you remember, this was a Costco wreath that we got for Christmas and I added a few elements to make it not look like we just brought it home from the store and stuck in on the door.

For re-do Number 2, I changed out the bow. My mom is going to be so proud when she reads this! She makes all my bows for me, but since she lives about 3,000 miles away, I had to venture out on a limb and try it myself. At Christmas she tried to teach, but I said, ‘No, you do a great job and you’re always here when I need bows.’  Hmmm… I don’t think I did it the way she does it, but I think it turned out pretty well! And secondly, I added the yarn hearts. I bet you’re wondering how I made such cute yarn hearts! Well, no worries… I’ll show ya!

Step 1: Gather ALL 3 of the materials….



And heart-shaped bracelets party favors from Dollar Tree!

Step 2: Tie a knot in the yarn on the heart.

Step 3: Wrap the bracelet in the yarn.

Step 4: Tie another knot in the yarn to finish it off. For some reason my white knot was tight enough to the bracelet, but it still works. The red knot worked great!

Step 5: Wah-la! Cute Little Yarn Hearts!

And two projects!

These hearts could be used on all sorts of things. What would you use them on??

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Featured on Craft Gossip!

I’m on my way to becoming a world-famous quilter!! hehehe! I’m so excited to have had my Row Row Row Your Boat Quilt featured on Craft Gossip yesterday!


This week on Project Quilting the theme is ‘Tools’! I have no idea where to go with this one… Any ideas?? Actually, my husband and I came up with a couple of ideas, but I’m not sold on them yet…. hmmmm…..

Color Your Valentine’s Day Out of This World!

Have you noticed that Valentine’s day is coming??? If you’ve read any other crafty or sewing blog, you’ve probably figured it out by now… The Valentine’s Day posts are in full force! I love a good reason to be seasonally crafting, so here I go… I’m jumping in and sharing my Valentine’s Day crafts and sewing projects this week.

To kick off the week, I thought I’d do a little repost…. This year my son’s school doesn’t share Valentine’s, so I thought I’d re-share the ones we did last year. We?? Um, oh yeah, actually that was me! But he did have fun with the finished project!

I made recycled heart crayons, printable cards and printable envelopes for the crayons.

Jump on over here for the tutorial for the crayons!

The envelope you ask??? You can print it by clicking here. And not quite sure how to put it together? It’s pretty simple, but click here for the mini tutorial!

Oh, and if you like the envelope images, check out the cute little coordinating cards! You can print these by clicking here!

Check back each day this week for more Valentine’s Inspiration! What are you making this year? Do you even do Valentine’s day?

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Weekend Whims- Dolls, Baby, Dolls!

I’m not exactly sure why, but I’m all about dolls right now. There are a couple of my to-do list. And I mean soon! I’ve been designing some in my head… I just need to get them on paper. I mean in fabric!!!

Here’s some great inspiration I’ve found lately…

1. I recently found Jodie’s blog Ric-Rac and I’m in love! She makes amazing pieces! I could have actually just done a whole weekend whim full of her pieces…. But instead of that, I picked one. I love Little Red! I had a little red riding hood doll that switched to Grandmother and that’s totally what’s been on my mind lately. Little Red Riding Hood and reversible dolls…

2. I was recently introduced to Hazel Village via My Owl Barn. I totally adore the cute woodland creatures and their outfits!

3. The Purl Bee has some great patterns/tutorials! Including this penguin project! I love it!

4. I love this sailor by Julie Adore! The other doll making piece that I’ve been thinking about it, is making dolls based on kids drawings or ideas (there’s something cute coming, stay tuned for that….) and I love what Julie came up with from the drawing!


Do you have a favorite doll maker???

Baby Gifts!

A while back I made a friend of mine some baby gifts for her new little guy! She really liked them and asked for me to make some for a friend of her’s… I couldn’t say no to sewing baby gifts!

I finally got them done! The blanket was the same as before, a pattern from Amy Butler’s book Little Stitches for Little Ones. It’s called the snuggie blanket and is a hooded blanket with a wrap piece. It’s a great pattern and super simple to make!

I had decided that I would use a color pallet of teal, red and white (loving that, maybe from left over from my Dr. Seuss Party???)

So I get to the store, thinking, ‘This won’t take long! I know just what I want!’ Um…. Well, let’s just say I had to reinvent the project color scheme. The store didn’t have anything I wanted. And I don’t know the friend of a friend, so I was hesitant on what to pick out! I finally ended up with these browns, greens and oranges. I loved it, but was still a bit unsure if anyone else would… So I emailed my friend and told her, crossing my fingers that she’d be ok with it. Ends up the nursery for this new little one coming along is green and brown!!! Can I tell you how relived that made me??? MAN!!!

I haven’t made one of my Ghostie dolls in ages! I used to love to make them, because they always make me laugh when I turn them right side out. And this one didn’t let me down! He popped right side out and it was like he was saying, ‘Hey, where have you been? What have you been making? It hasn’t been Ghosties and look how cute we are!’ Warning: You might be seeing more Ghosties in the near future….


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