Modern Mini Challenge

I have been totally obsessed with two things the last couple of weeks…. The Lorax of course, with the mask and the Truffula Tree… And also Project Quilting. Then along came the Modern Mini Challenge!

Modern Mini Challenge

Jennifer at Ellison Lane Quilts is hosting The Modern Mini Challenge with a great blog hop last month and this month is the Reader Contest! Since I am a bit overwhelmed with all my obsessions and quilting a quilt every other week (which means I have to get the things done on my to do list that didn’t get done during the quilting week done on the in between quilting weeks!) I decided to submit a mini quilt that I have already done to the Modern Mini Challenge! Don’t worry, I emailed Jennifer and asked if this was ok. She gave me the go ahead… So I’m entering my Row Row Row Your Boat Mini Quilt!

I really love this one and hope that the judges do too! In case you missed the original posting of this quilt, or are here visiting from the Modern Mini Challenge Link-up (welcome to everyone!) here’s a bit about it…

The quilting challenge was to base the quilt design on Music. So I made it a piece of sheet music. well, kinda! My interpretation of sheet music anyway. Our family isn’t very musical, so most of the sheet music I’ve seen lately is color coded. You know, the sheet music that comes with the kids pianos and xylophones???

While writing this post I was curious if the definition of modern quilts was written anywhere.  I found this list of modern quilt characteristics on the Modern Quilt Guild blog:

Make primarily functional rather than decorative quilts

Use asymmetry in quilt design

Rely less on repetition and on the interaction of quilt block motifs

Contain reinterpreted traditional blocks

Embrace simplicity and minimalism

Utilize alternative block structures or lack of visible block structure

Incorporate increased use of negative space

Are inspired by modern art and architecture

Frequently use improvisational piecing

Contain bold colors, on trend color combinations and graphic prints

Often use gray and white as neutrals

Reflect an increased use of solid fabrics

Focus on finishing quilts on home sewing machines

Interesting, huh? I’ve always been drawn to the modern aesthetic of quilting, but was just curious if anyone had every written this down! I think this quilt meets most of the ‘requirements’ of modern!

If you hadn’t already heard about the Modern Mini challenge, here was the line-up and there were some great quilters participating. Check out their blogs and I’m sure you’ll find at least one new favorite, if not all of them!

The only requirements for the challenge is that the quilt is to be modern and under 36 inches. Like I said, I’m pretty sure I meet the modern part. I barely squeaked by on the 36″ requirement! LUckily it’s only 34 inches wide by 22 inches high.
Check out all the entries in the challenge!
Which do you prefer? Modern or Traditional Quilting?


  1. How fun! I’m a musician, and I love to sew, too. My mini for this challenge was actually my first quilting project. I love the “definition” you found. Pretty much – anything goes, right? I was just brainstorming about all the ways I could put music in a mini quilt, I love how you’ve done it! Great job 🙂 C

  2. I love it, Louise! I’m so impressed by your quilting skills! Me? I still haven’t finished my first quilt that I started over a year ago! PITIFUL!! Can I send to to you to finish? Just kidding… kind of.

  3. This is such a great quilt, and I love the sheet music idea. Fantastic!

  4. Oh it is a great quilt and I love the freedom it has. Thanks so much for entering the contest!! 🙂 Good luck!

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