A Pillow for the Plane!

I my latest quilting project was a pillow for a plane ride. Some of our best friends are moving to Tasmania this week and she was looking for a comfy pillow for the little ones plane ride.

My friend asked me if I could make a quick little pillow case for a pillow she had. She wanted to take it on the long plane trip to Tasmania as a little bit of entertainment. She wanted to use this particular fabric, fabric we’d used in her baby shower quilt that I had done. But it wasn’t big enough to cover the whole front of the pillow. She also had this bright red fabric… As soon as I saw the scraps left over from the quilt and the red, I knew exactly what I was going to do!

First I was just going to have the little giraffe head on the side. I mean, you can resist that funny face poking out from the bushes. But then I noticed the poor, poor monkey….. He was the only on e in the big picture to get cut. He actually had his head cut off….  Poor thing… And this little guy loved monkeys! So the monkey had to be included somewhere! (and hopefully he won’t notice the other headless monkey.)

The other little detail I added was the quilting of the big leaves!

When I gave it to her, she was very excited, but surprised! She said she didn’t mean for me to do all this, just a simple pillow case was all she meant for me to do. Um, I don’t seem to do simple to well! It was well worth it for such good friends! And I think it’s just adorable!

I’m so excited for next year (fingers crossed) when we can take our own flight to Tasmania to visit!!!

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