T-shirts, T-shirts, T-shirts!

So, let’s step back in time a bit… When I first met my husband and we moved in together we made art all the time… We hung out in our unfinished basement for hours. I had the only finished room down there for my fabric and sewing and all the other pieces I’d make. he had the rest of the basement for his projects, which was a lot of wax and wood cutting! Then we got married… Then we got pregnant… Then we finished out the basement for living space… Then we had our kiddo… And the days of crafting together for hours on end kinda fell by the wayside. (Partly because we realized how toxic the wax is and that got sent to the garage…. And partly beacuse we’ve had a kiddo!)

Fast forward three and a half years…. Last weekend we spent hours in our basement crafting. All three of us! It was awesome! So that inspired me to show ya what my husband was up to! Nope, not the wax encaustics… T-shirts!

I’m in love with this bird design he did! It was his first multiple color shirt that he’s done.

And it’s been a hit with the kiddo!

And a few of his other designs…

They both, Daddy and the kiddo, have the flying monkey t-shirt. One day we didn’t realize it until we’d gotten out in the world that they were both wearing it! Matchey, Matchey!

And where we live…

And where I think my husband wants to live!

I wish I had been able to video and photograph this little photo shoot that we had. The kiddo was hilarious! Since he’s not yours, you might not find this as entertaining as I do, but oh well…

(not exactly sure why the color is weird…)

Wanna buy one?? I think we’re going to get en etsy site up and running for him soon. The birdie will be the first one for sale! You can buy them here! He’s working on a squirrel now. But what my son and I are excited about is his octopus that’s in the works!!

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