Kids Clothes Week Challenge is coming!!!

So Project Quilting just ended, right before I leave for vacation, and when I get back, Kids Clothes Week Challenge will be starting!!!

Yeah! can you tell I’m a bit competitive? If you give me a challenge, I’m up for it! I seem to get much more done if it’s called a ‘challenge’!!

I’ve done the KCWC a few times…. And there have been quite a few projects that rank high in my book. Like there’s this pair of ‘comfy‘ pants I made my son out of a sweater. He still wears them , even though they are a little bit short. His Dad cringes every time he wears them (he was never a big fan!).  Two of my other favorites are these blue pants (pattern by Dana, from Made) and this adorable little dress!


This year, it’s more pj’s (I think he gets a pair every year), a hoodie, some men’s tees made to kids tees… What are you going to make???