Weekend Whims- Southern Art Tour

I live in Seattle, but I’m a southern at heart! Every year we take a trip to our family beach house on the Gulf Coast of Alabama. I’ve been doing this every single year of my life. I think I missed a few years when I was living in AK, but out of 30 some odd years that’s ok. And every year that we go down, we’re on the lookout for southern art. Folk art, Outsider Art….. Some call it one, some call it the other, and to me most of it is both. This year, we’re actually headed to North Alabama for a little bit and we’re really on the lookout for finding some interesting things!! Here’s a little of what we love, what we want and  what we want to see….

1 and 2. We love Michael Banks! We’re lucky enough to have 3 of his pieces already. We’re headed to his neck of the woods and would love to meet him, but probably won’t. But wouldn’t that be cool??? we got one of his pieces on our honeymoon. And then I got another piece, similar to 2 for my husband for the Father’s Day before our son was born. I knew it would be a while before we could invest in art together. So I thought it was a fitting gift… Images via Jeanine Taylor Folk Art

3. And Cornbread…. My husband’s not as big a fan as I am, but he was sweet enough to get me one of his pieces one of our trips home. One of the guinea chicks. Now I want a fox! But he also does owls, and bears and raccoons that I love… Image via Jeanine Taylor Folk Art.

4. Yes, I’ve mentioned Gee’s Bend how many times lately??? But we’re going!!! I can’t wait!! I hope I get to meet some of the quilters. I’ll probably freeze and get real shy. Star Struck! Image via Auburn University College of Liberal Arts Women’s Studies

5. Have you been to the Ave Marie Grotto??? We’re not sure if we’re going to make it or not, but we really want to see it! It might not be considered folk art, but it’s art and it looks really cool!

6 and 7. Butch Anthony is another artist I have come to love. Don’t have one of his pieces yet, but hope to change that this week!!! You might have heard of his partner, Natalie Chanin… of Alabama Chanin… Would love to visit her studio and factory, too, but not going to make it to that corner this year. They are both super talented artists!! I can’t wait to visit his Museum of Wonder and the Doo Nanny!! Yea!



  1. The Grotto is in the Cullman area, where Cheri’s home is!
    I have never seen it!

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