Kids Clothes Week Challenge- Day 7

ahhhhh….. The spring Kids Clothes Week Challenge has come to an end! I’m sad, but exhausted! I stayed up way too late every night, but I’m in love with everything I made (except for the raglan tee, gotta try that one again one day soon…) To finish out this week I did a little finishing of a few pieces. Nothing new today…

The first piece I finished was the PJ tee. I realized that I never finished the last star applique.

Why? It was only about 5  minutes left, so why didn’t I finish when I was working on it??? Who knows!

Secondly, The treasure pocket pants. I finished them the other day, but they were WAY too loose on the kiddo. And I didn’t like the narrow waistband. AND the elestic twisted as I was putting it in. Three strikes. Something had to be done! So I cut out a wider waistband strip and a smaller piece of elastic.

And wahla! Much happier!

And lastly… This one is an oldie! Halloween 2010 I made my son a fireman suit for his Halloween costume. I made the coat big for a couple of reasons. One, so he could use it for a while for dress-up play and two, firefighters jackets always have that BIG look to them. The jacket still fits, but I really need to add a cuff to lengthen the sleeves a bit.

Anyway….. It’s recently become a hit again. I came home the other night and he was sleeping in it. Very cute! The iron on stripes were starting to come off and so was the badge. Both were just ironed on at the time, but they now need some stitching. I’ve been scared to wash it in fear that they will just come off in the wash. But it needs it now!

So it’s stitched down, ready to be washed and ready for many more dress-ups!

And now…. It’s time to clean the sewing room!

Kids Clothes Week Challenge- Day 6

You’ll never believe it… Ok, maybe you will… I made ANOTHER pair of pants for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge!

You might know this already, but we live in Seattle and it rains a good bit of the year! So just a couple of weeks ago, the kiddo’s school asked if parents could bring in rain pants since they go outside and play rain or shine! We have snow bibs, but no rain pants. I had the bright idea of making some from an old wind breaker/ rain coat.

I used every little bit of the coat! Well, every bit except for one sleeve. And the plus side is it’s even lined with the original soft knit  coat lining!

I cut the coat so that the pockets could be reused and I think that looks pretty cool! And like the other days of the challenge, I’m loving the extra bits of topstitching and little extra details.

This morning the kiddo got dressed in his bright green pants I made yesterday and then I went to try on the rain pants to make sure they fit over the other pants. He never took them off. We went to the zoo in his funny outfit with the funny hat! Then he wore both pants to the park. It was only when the pants made him slide too fast down the slide, that they came off!

When I was taking the pictures of the pants I noticed that they were already dirty and very wrinkled! And I loved it! They got dirty before I could even take a picture of them because he LIKED them and he WORE them all day, even though there wasn’t even a drop of rain!

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Kids Clothes Week Challenge- Day 5

Well, after yesterday, I really can’t go anywhere but up! And I did! I’m really happy about my Kids Clothes Week Challenge Day 5 project!

I loved the pattern for the Treasure Pocket Pants from Sewing For Boys that I made the other day. A pretty easy pattern and I loved the fake fly! So I did a little remake! The original pattern consists of a front piece, a back piece and the side panel with the pocket. I took out the side panel and made the front and back panels wider so that I didn’t need the side panels

Then added a couple of pockets here and there….

And Wah-la! A perfect fit! Love it! Love the details!

My son picked out the fabric from the store. My husband not as big of a fan of the color and my son and I am! Did you ever see these corduroy pants from Elsie Marley? I’ve always love the bright cords for both kids. I never ‘pinned’ these pants, but they have been engrained in my memory since I saw them, almost 2 years ago…. When you go to get corduroy, it’s kinda like shopping for kids clothes. All girl patterns and maybe one boy pattern. So we went with the bright green!


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Kids Clothes Week Challenge- Day 4

Another day of kids clothes for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge. Another t-shirt, this one I did make myself unlike the first one…. Another ‘ergh….‘ project for me! Another project from Sewing for Boys.

I’ve been wanting to make the kiddo some shirts, but he really doesn’t need any! I finally finished ALL the laundry from before, during and after our family vacation and there isn’t even enough room in his drawers for all his shirts! But I wanted to try anyway. I started with an old shirt from Dad that I had salvaged from the ‘Go to Goodwill’ bag and an old tank top of mine.

So I decided to try the Raglan Tee. Supposedly super easy from everyone else that tried it and blogged about it. I was in LOVE with it for a while. I was going to make every t-shirt the kid has for the rest of his days with this pattern! Then came the ergh…. First pitfall… Accidentally ironing over the bright yellow letters on the shirt and the color melted all over the front and sleeve. But I decided to keep going to see how it came together for the next one.

Then the real  big ERGH……  I hit the stumper…. The directions didn’t seem to make sense to me there in the middle! ergh… And I just kept getting fristrated and wasting time! It’s more my fault I guess. I should have just kept going with how I thought the directions should read. But instead, I got stumped and kept trying to figure out what the book was trying to tell me. ergh…. I ended up trying it both ways, doing one seam right sides out and one side inside out and they both turned out basically the same.

Then came the neck… (please don’t look too closely… I’m coming clean and telling ya all my mistakes, but I hate for anyone to actually see them!) At this point I was frustrated and tired and had given up trying to understand the directions on the ‘beginner’ pattern. I don’t consider my self a beginner, but for some reason these pattern directions stumped me! Anyway… I kinda didn’t finish reading the directions and put on the neck. And it looks like CRAP! Then I read the directions…. And know why the neck looks like crap. I didn’t do it the right way and I didn’t get the water-soluble basting tape that they recommend…

Oh, well. Now I know it fits and know how to do the neck the right way, the next one will be much cuter!

And even though I was super frustrated while I was in the middle of it, there was a HUGE silver lining in this experiment! I’m not afraid of sewing with knits anymore! Yea! Although I don’t consider myself a beginner, I am when it comes to sewing with knits. But now I know that I can. None of my ergh…. moments were from being frustrated with sewing the fabric!

Have you made this pattern?



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Kids Clothes Week Challenge- Day 3

More pants! Today’s project is the Treasure Pocket Pants from the Sewing for Boys book.

I think it’s a cute little pattern, but I changed a few things. You’ll never belive where the name of these pants come from… OK, maybe the cute pockets on the sides give it away after all!  The first thing different that I did was make the side panels with the pocket, a bit thinner. The pants were a little too full for my little guy, so I slimmed them down a little.

I also changed the top elastic waist. the pattern calls for two pieces of elastic, but to me it looks la little too frufru, so I changed it to just one piece of elastic! Not that it’s not cute, but for us, I like just the single piece of elastic.

I also a great time doing the little stitching details to make ethem look a little more professional!

They are pretty cute.

Have you seen this book? It’s got some great patterns in it. I think this might just be my new favorite pants pattern…. hmmmm…..

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Kids Clothes Week Challenge- Day 2

Erghhhhhhh… I’m soooo upset! And I learned a lesson…. Multi-tasking doesn’t always work! erghhhhh, again….

At first glance, this new set of PJ’s looks pretty good! But here’s where the frustration is coming from…. Man… So these PJ’s started as a pillowcase! Remember the PJ shirt from yesterday? The appliques were also from the pillowcases! I used pretty much every single bit of that pillowcase!

Ok, that’s not the frustrating part! Bear with me here…  I got this pillowcase a while back. As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to make PJ’s out of it. But the front and back are different, you may say. But I loved it! I wanted one leg to be striped and the other to be the rockets.

I also planned on using the basic pant tutorial from Made, because I love it. But in hindsight, I really needed to use a pattern where each leg is one piece instead of two pieces. I really wanted the striped leg to have the stripes going around, instead of up and down, but I couldn’t figure out how to make sure the strips would line up with the basic pant tutorial. I switched to having the stripes going up and was ok with that. So what I wanted was this…

Here’s where the ERGHHHHHHH part comes in… I was doing stuff, then coming back in between other projects and cutting. I cut the striped pair the wrong way!!! So when I went to put right sides together…. They didn’t match up! Man! Instead of two left feet, I got two left legs!

The silver lining… The kiddo got two pairs of PJ pants instead of one. But it’s not what I wanted! But they aren’t actually for me. And does the kiddo care? Nope! Not a bit! Does his buddie Bow Wow care? Nope, not a bit!

Luckily I had some blue left over from the last pair of The Basic Pants to make up the other side. And the other fabric actually matches pretty well!

So even though it’s not what I had been planning for months, I’m happy with them. And I learned a lesson… Multi-tasking isn’t always the way to get things done faster! It doesn’t always save ya time or make things better!

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Kids Clothes Week Challenge- Day 1

It’s that time of year again…. A week just for kids clothes! This week of the KCWC I’m also pulling out a lot of projects that I’ve been planning on making, but haven’t. I don’t foresee any new tutorials by me, but breaking out patterns that I’ve wanted to try! Like the t-shirts I mentioned a while back (I’ve pulled a bunch of dad’s shirts out from his Goodwill donation bags) and some pants, the kid needs some pants!

My first two projects are a set of PJ’s I’ve been meaning to make. The shirt I didn’t make. (yes, I bought my child clothes…. shhhh…..) I like to think of myself as a crafty Momma, but I don’t make my son nearly as many clothes as I plan to! Anyway….

The sewing project that I did today is the applique work on the shirt. Super simple…

I ironed on the fusible interfacing to the fabric, cut the design, ironed it on the shirt and then zig zag stitched the edge! Wah-la!

Right now the shirt looks a little odd, but I think it will make more sense with the PJ pants. I really wanted to take a picture with my son missing his pants, since the PJ pants aren’t done yet and because he loves running around with just his undie’s… But… I didn’t! Honestly, I don’t know about your three-year old, but mine loves running around naked, but those pictures are not for the web! hehehe….

The rest of the set tomorrow!

A Chenille Starfish and Sea Urchin

As many of you know, I am in love with the sea urchin made out of recycled chenille by Parker Brown Textiles! Of course, I though I can make those… For myself of course, not to sell… Because, unfortunately, I don’t have the 80 bucks to spend on one at the moment. Sad, but true…

So I’ve been on the hunt for a used chenille blanket for months… Obviously people don’t donate them to thrift shops very often! So we went on vacation to the beach, without my pillows being made. Our first part of the trip was spent in North Alabama and the town had a thrift shop… We drove by it once and my husband asked if I wanted to go, and I said no, let’s just keep on track with our sight-seeing. All the time thinking to myself, ‘I’m saying no, but I bet there’s a chenille blanket in there.’ So the next day, where did we end up? In front of that same thrift shop, not once, but twice. So of course, we finally went in and what did we find??? That chenille blanket!

My third and final project made on the beach house front porch??? The starfish and sea urchin. I love my starfish, but the sea urchin… Not so much! The starfish looks like a really cool starfish, but the sea urchin looks like a chenille poof. not really a sea urchin.

not that there’s anything wrong with a chenille poof, it’s just exactly the look I was going for! There are obviously different types of chenille fabric and I think the one I got lends itself more to the starfish than the sea urchin. The next one I’ll add more side panels, I think that will help it. And I need to tweak the shape of the panels.

You’ll be surprised how far a $15.00 thrifted chenille bedspread will go. As in, next summer when I go to the beach you’ll probably see more chenille projects!

Coming up…. Next week is Kids Clothes Week Challenge! Have you signed up yet? I have and I have plenty of projects that need to get done. Then after that, more on my Southern adventures and some giveaways! Yea!



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Bear and His Best Friend Pear

Have you heard of a story or anything about a Bear with a best friend named Pear? Neither have I! I don’t know if my son was just rhyming or had read a book about these characters or just made them up.

Either way, The story starts way back in December when we were writing my son’s Christmas List. He was naming off what he wanted Santa to bring him and the last thing on his list was Bear and his best friend Pear! I had no idea what he was talking about, but I put it on the list…

I was about to make the pear, when we had a dinner conversation about Pear. Glad I didn’t make him before dinner… As we were talking my son told us that Bear and Pear go on walks together. But how does a pear walk? My son, ‘ He has legs.’ Imagine that said with the tone of voice of a three-year old thinking, ‘Hello! How else would he walk if he didn’t have legs!’ Then it came out they liked to talk with each other. And Pear can do that, of course, because he has a mouth! Again, come on grown-ups, don’t you know this stuff already????

The pear was made with the template from UK Lass in US. I added the face and legs and arms of course, because what pear doesn’t have these things….

The Bear is actually made from the Mikey Monkey pattern that I won a while back from mmmcrafts.  I changed the face to more of a bear face and of course, the tail had to be changed! I guess in hindsight, maybe the legs and arms should have been shorten a bit as well, but I like them long. and it’s cute to see the kiddo wander around with the long-legged bear!

And yes, I know I keep talking about how great it is to sew on the front porch of the beach house… Well it is! And that’s the place… Right up there in the picture behind Bear and his best friend Pear.

So back to the story… Santa didn’t quite get them made in time, so he asked the Easter Bunny to bring them for him. My son was very excited that the Easter Bunny did that favor for Santa!

I was in the kitchen showing them to someone and they remarked on my handy work. My son came running in, ‘No, the Easter Bunny made them for Santa!’

Bear and Pear are best friends. They enjoy taking walks, rocking in rockin’ chairs and watching the waves roll in!

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Something for Me… The Wiksten Tank

I’m not sure, but I have ever posted a project that I’ve done for myself??? I don’t sew for myself very often, so I’m thinking I might not have….  Have you seen the Wiksten Tank? I mentioned it before in my Weekend Whims for the Summer.

This week I’m going to show you the three projects I made while sitting on the front porch of our nice old beach house! I just love sitting out there with the sewing machine and the sound of the waves crashing! Actually a lot of the time it’s dark out when I’m out there making things and the water is still and it’s quiet. Quiet, except for the occasional fish jumping. Love it! Anyway….

So, I made myself a little something! I like it, but want to try again. I used an old sheet, so it’s super soft, but kinda thin… I also want to make the front a little longer on my next one…

The Wiksten pattern is super easy! If only I had measured to make sure I was cutting it large enough (yes, I’m a large gal, hence the reason not many photos of me on the blog….). I’m not very specific when I sew, so I just kinda eye-balled it…. In hindsight, I should have measured…. It ended up a little tight around the ‘ladies’. My husband suggested putting a slit in the back, so I figured out a way to do it and it looks pretty nice I think. But I also think it’s a little odd looking… Obviously, I have mixed feelings about how the back turned out!

The other little problem I had with the pattern was I think it might have printed a little small. The instructions say not to scale it when you print and I didn’t. But I think it might have been a little smaller than it was supposed to be. I cut the binding strips, but they were a little too narrow for the 3/8″ hem the instructions called for. Oh, well. It will worked fine with a narrower hem!

And me… I guess I could have smiled, huh???

And check out the flickr group for the tank and see how cute it is!


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