Bear and His Best Friend Pear

Have you heard of a story or anything about a Bear with a best friend named Pear? Neither have I! I don’t know if my son was just rhyming or had read a book about these characters or just made them up.

Either way, The story starts way back in December when we were writing my son’s Christmas List. He was naming off what he wanted Santa to bring him and the last thing on his list was Bear and his best friend Pear! I had no idea what he was talking about, but I put it on the list…

I was about to make the pear, when we had a dinner conversation about Pear. Glad I didn’t make him before dinner… As we were talking my son told us that Bear and Pear go on walks together. But how does a pear walk? My son, ‘ He has legs.’ Imagine that said with the tone of voice of a three-year old thinking, ‘Hello! How else would he walk if he didn’t have legs!’ Then it came out they liked to talk with each other. And Pear can do that, of course, because he has a mouth! Again, come on grown-ups, don’t you know this stuff already????

The pear was made with the template from UK Lass in US. I added the face and legs and arms of course, because what pear doesn’t have these things….

The Bear is actually made from the Mikey Monkey pattern that I won a while back from mmmcrafts.  I changed the face to more of a bear face and of course, the tail had to be changed! I guess in hindsight, maybe the legs and arms should have been shorten a bit as well, but I like them long. and it’s cute to see the kiddo wander around with the long-legged bear!

And yes, I know I keep talking about how great it is to sew on the front porch of the beach house… Well it is! And that’s the place… Right up there in the picture behind Bear and his best friend Pear.

So back to the story… Santa didn’t quite get them made in time, so he asked the Easter Bunny to bring them for him. My son was very excited that the Easter Bunny did that favor for Santa!

I was in the kitchen showing them to someone and they remarked on my handy work. My son came running in, ‘No, the Easter Bunny made them for Santa!’

Bear and Pear are best friends. They enjoy taking walks, rocking in rockin’ chairs and watching the waves roll in!

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  1. I so love this!

  2. Adorable!


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