Kids Clothes Week Challenge- Day 1

It’s that time of year again…. A week just for kids clothes! This week of the KCWC I’m also pulling out a lot of projects that I’ve been planning on making, but haven’t. I don’t foresee any new tutorials by me, but breaking out patterns that I’ve wanted to try! Like the t-shirts I mentioned a while back (I’ve pulled a bunch of dad’s shirts out from his Goodwill donation bags) and some pants, the kid needs some pants!

My first two projects are a set of PJ’s I’ve been meaning to make. The shirt I didn’t make. (yes, I bought my child clothes…. shhhh…..) I like to think of myself as a crafty Momma, but I don’t make my son nearly as many clothes as I plan to! Anyway….

The sewing project that I did today is the applique work on the shirt. Super simple…

I ironed on the fusible interfacing to the fabric, cut the design, ironed it on the shirt and then zig zag stitched the edge! Wah-la!

Right now the shirt looks a little odd, but I think it will make more sense with the PJ pants. I really wanted to take a picture with my son missing his pants, since the PJ pants aren’t done yet and because he loves running around with just his undie’s… But… I didn’t! Honestly, I don’t know about your three-year old, but mine loves running around naked, but those pictures are not for the web! hehehe….

The rest of the set tomorrow!