Kids Clothes Week Challenge- Day 2

Erghhhhhhh… I’m soooo upset! And I learned a lesson…. Multi-tasking doesn’t always work! erghhhhh, again….

At first glance, this new set of PJ’s looks pretty good! But here’s where the frustration is coming from…. Man… So these PJ’s started as a pillowcase! Remember the PJ shirt from yesterday? The appliques were also from the pillowcases! I used pretty much every single bit of that pillowcase!

Ok, that’s not the frustrating part! Bear with me here…  I got this pillowcase a while back. As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to make PJ’s out of it. But the front and back are different, you may say. But I loved it! I wanted one leg to be striped and the other to be the rockets.

I also planned on using the basic pant tutorial from Made, because I love it. But in hindsight, I really needed to use a pattern where each leg is one piece instead of two pieces. I really wanted the striped leg to have the stripes going around, instead of up and down, but I couldn’t figure out how to make sure the strips would line up with the basic pant tutorial. I switched to having the stripes going up and was ok with that. So what I wanted was this…

Here’s where the ERGHHHHHHH part comes in… I was doing stuff, then coming back in between other projects and cutting. I cut the striped pair the wrong way!!! So when I went to put right sides together…. They didn’t match up! Man! Instead of two left feet, I got two left legs!

The silver lining… The kiddo got two pairs of PJ pants instead of one. But it’s not what I wanted! But they aren’t actually for me. And does the kiddo care? Nope! Not a bit! Does his buddie Bow Wow care? Nope, not a bit!

Luckily I had some blue left over from the last pair of The Basic Pants to make up the other side. And the other fabric actually matches pretty well!

So even though it’s not what I had been planning for months, I’m happy with them. And I learned a lesson… Multi-tasking isn’t always the way to get things done faster! It doesn’t always save ya time or make things better!

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