Kids Clothes Week Challenge- Day 4

Another day of kids clothes for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge. Another t-shirt, this one I did make myself unlike the first one…. Another ‘ergh….‘ project for me! Another project from Sewing for Boys.

I’ve been wanting to make the kiddo some shirts, but he really doesn’t need any! I finally finished ALL the laundry from before, during and after our family vacation and there isn’t even enough room in his drawers for all his shirts! But I wanted to try anyway. I started with an old shirt from Dad that I had salvaged from the ‘Go to Goodwill’ bag and an old tank top of mine.

So I decided to try the Raglan Tee. Supposedly super easy from everyone else that tried it and blogged about it. I was in LOVE with it for a while. I was going to make every t-shirt the kid has for the rest of his days with this pattern! Then came the ergh…. First pitfall… Accidentally ironing over the bright yellow letters on the shirt and the color melted all over the front and sleeve. But I decided to keep going to see how it came together for the next one.

Then the real  big ERGH……  I hit the stumper…. The directions didn’t seem to make sense to me there in the middle! ergh… And I just kept getting fristrated and wasting time! It’s more my fault I guess. I should have just kept going with how I thought the directions should read. But instead, I got stumped and kept trying to figure out what the book was trying to tell me. ergh…. I ended up trying it both ways, doing one seam right sides out and one side inside out and they both turned out basically the same.

Then came the neck… (please don’t look too closely… I’m coming clean and telling ya all my mistakes, but I hate for anyone to actually see them!) At this point I was frustrated and tired and had given up trying to understand the directions on the ‘beginner’ pattern. I don’t consider my self a beginner, but for some reason these pattern directions stumped me! Anyway… I kinda didn’t finish reading the directions and put on the neck. And it looks like CRAP! Then I read the directions…. And know why the neck looks like crap. I didn’t do it the right way and I didn’t get the water-soluble basting tape that they recommend…

Oh, well. Now I know it fits and know how to do the neck the right way, the next one will be much cuter!

And even though I was super frustrated while I was in the middle of it, there was a HUGE silver lining in this experiment! I’m not afraid of sewing with knits anymore! Yea! Although I don’t consider myself a beginner, I am when it comes to sewing with knits. But now I know that I can. None of my ergh…. moments were from being frustrated with sewing the fabric!

Have you made this pattern?



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