Kids Clothes Week Challenge- Day 5

Well, after yesterday, I really can’t go anywhere but up! And I did! I’m really happy about my Kids Clothes Week Challenge Day 5 project!

I loved the pattern for the Treasure Pocket Pants from Sewing For Boys that I made the other day. A pretty easy pattern and I loved the fake fly! So I did a little remake! The original pattern consists of a front piece, a back piece and the side panel with the pocket. I took out the side panel and made the front and back panels wider so that I didn’t need the side panels

Then added a couple of pockets here and there….

And Wah-la! A perfect fit! Love it! Love the details!

My son picked out the fabric from the store. My husband not as big of a fan of the color and my son and I am! Did you ever see these corduroy pants from Elsie Marley? I’ve always love the bright cords for both kids. I never ‘pinned’ these pants, but they have been engrained in my memory since I saw them, almost 2 years ago…. When you go to get corduroy, it’s kinda like shopping for kids clothes. All girl patterns and maybe one boy pattern. So we went with the bright green!


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