Kids Clothes Week Challenge- Day 6

You’ll never believe it… Ok, maybe you will… I made ANOTHER pair of pants for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge!

You might know this already, but we live in Seattle and it rains a good bit of the year! So just a couple of weeks ago, the kiddo’s school asked if parents could bring in rain pants since they go outside and play rain or shine! We have snow bibs, but no rain pants. I had the bright idea of making some from an old wind breaker/ rain coat.

I used every little bit of the coat! Well, every bit except for one sleeve. And the plus side is it’s even lined with the original soft knit  coat lining!

I cut the coat so that the pockets could be reused and I think that looks pretty cool! And like the other days of the challenge, I’m loving the extra bits of topstitching and little extra details.

This morning the kiddo got dressed in his bright green pants I made yesterday and then I went to try on the rain pants to make sure they fit over the other pants. He never took them off. We went to the zoo in his funny outfit with the funny hat! Then he wore both pants to the park. It was only when the pants made him slide too fast down the slide, that they came off!

When I was taking the pictures of the pants I noticed that they were already dirty and very wrinkled! And I loved it! They got dirty before I could even take a picture of them because he LIKED them and he WORE them all day, even though there wasn’t even a drop of rain!

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  1. I love this one (also!!!)!
    looks so cute and they MUST be confortable!!!!

  2. Wow! These look great! And he likes them, and they fit over his other pants, and win win win! They look so clean and (dare I say) professional. And of course, I love the bright red!

  3. The pants came out great! I love the pockets, so clever! We’re going to the snow in August and I’m thinking of making a snow suit…these pants are inspiring!

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