The Doo Nanny Through the Eyes of a 3 Year Old

While we were at the Doo Nanny, for some reason I let my 3-year-old carry around my BIG camera and take pictures! He was loving it! As were everyone that saw him with this camera as big as his head wandering around taking pictures.

Here’s a another view of the festival from his eyes! Well, it’s not actually the art show part of the festival, but more up by the Museum of Wonder and the house. Again, in hindsight, why didn’t I give him the camera while we were walking through the art booths?? Those would have been cool shots! 🙂 Next time. See it looks like we have to go back! I have a photo opportunity!

ok, so here’s the funny part! Butch Anthony wears overalls, pretty much exclusively. (from what I can tell… He didn’t tell he that personally or anything, but…) When we got up to the house there was a line of overalls hanging out. Since Max had the camera, I asked him to take a picture of them. He proceeded to do closeups of each pair. One shot for each pair! Too funny! But the pictures are actually kinda cool!


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  1. Elizabeth Settle says:

    Is your puppy an Australian Shepard? He looks like my puppy. 🙂

  2. I was wondering why you had so many shots of Maxs feet. Now I get it. Cute! He has quite an eye.

  3. The camera IS as big as his head!

    He’s a natural photographer. You definitely have to go back!

  4. Sheila Perl says:

    Your son’s pictures are so creative!! You have a budding artist on your hands 🙂 I really like his closeups of the coveralls, and the beautiful rocks!

  5. wow he’s actually pretty good. I liked the one with the overalls and the dog pics. 🙂 visiting from SITS. Love your blog as well.

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