Weekend Whims- Soap Clouds

Since school’s out for the summer, I’ve been keeping an eye out for fun little projects to do with the kiddo. Then I came across this project for Soap Clouds from Kitchen Craft.

This is the simplest thing ever and it’s always a hit with the kiddo! Not only does it make for a great bath time toy, but what about fun dioramas or scenes for a playmobile beach party!

All you need is some Ivory soap, wax paper and a microwave! Just cut up some Ivory soap, we’ve been using the soap in thirds. Stick it in the microwave on some wax paper for about 30 seconds. And wah-la! You have a cloud! The larger the piece of soap, the longer you can put it in the microwave. we wanted some small ones, so 20 to 45 seconds worked for us.

Be sure to check out Kitchen Crafts tutorial because she takes it a step further and makes some cool soap shapes with the clouds and food coloring! We haven’t tried the colored soap shapes. Right now we’re enjoying just watching the cloud appear and playing with it with our beach scene and in the tub!


  1. Genius!

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