Seattle Modern Quilt Guild Exhibit

I can’t believe it’s already been a week and half since the family packed up for an evening on an island to see the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild Exhibit! Family, ferries, good food, quilts and a beautiful sunset all make for a great Friday night in my book! THe family headed to Vashon Island to the Island Quilter to see the show.

Do you remember my Row Row Row Your Boat quilt??? I submitted it to be in the exhibit and was SOOOOOO excited when I heard back and it had been accepted into the show!  Yea!!

It was an honor to be featured alongside all the other fantastic quilts! I want to share with you some of the other quilts…

There was a wall of baby quilts, most of them collaborative efforts of the group and quilted by Sandi Holtman. The one on the far end was done by Amber Dawn Arnold.

Two other baby quilts were down by Allison Parrott Thompson and Grace Lainhart. Grace’s star quilt was one of my favorites! I’ve been wanting to do a star quilt and I just loved this one.

This one is called Arkansas, Traveled by Ara Jane Olufson. First I was drawn to it by the colors. Then I saw the ‘ghost block’, as she called it. Love the missing piece!

A cool wonky nine patch by Becca Jubie.

I just love this picture. And the quilt too, of course! ok, and here’s the thing… I got pictures of the names of every single quilt in the show, except this one. So please, if anyone reads this and knows who it is by, please let me know!!

Update!! The quilt is by Noelle Powers! Check out the comments below for more details about it!

I love the colors in this one by Emily Cier, too. It reminds me of the book I was recently reading called Transparency Quilts.

This one by Krista Withers called ‘Down the Rabbit Hole,’ is not my typical style, but I’m so amazed by it!! It’s just amazing! All the pieces. The quilting. Man! And I love that pieces of the octagons pop into the grey border. I spent a lot of time up really close to this one….  Love it!

I was really drawn to this beautifully simple black and white piece by Season Evans.

And these two were done by Sandie Holtman and Kathy Del Beccaro. The thing about these two that interested me, was that they are more traditional patterns, but done with modern fabrics that gives them a more modern feel.

The piece on the left is called Breezy by Sandi Holtman. The other two pieces are both by Katie Pederson, one of the co-authors of the newly released and awesome book, Quilting Modern: Techniques and Projects for Improvisational Quilts.  The blue one has been in my flickr favorites FOREVER

I took a ton more pictures!! Please check them all out on my flickr page! Which one is your favorite???


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  1. Who made the mystery quilt – I did! Here’s a fun fact – its the first quilt I ever made. It is 110″ square and it was quilted by Angela Walters (who did a lot of Katie and Jacquie’s quilts in the book). This is our everyday quilt – 2 dogs, 2 kids, 1 cat and my husband and I often sleep, wrestle and snuggle under it and on it.

  2. Michelle h says:

    Thanks for this great pictorial review Louise. I was at the show and have enjoyed revisiting the quilts and remembering the inspiration I felt from studying them and wondering what I might do with a similar fabric or design. Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

  3. Sandie’s breezy is my favorite. It was so fun to hang out with everyone.

  4. Congratulations on being featured in this show! Looks like you had some good company! Lots of beautiful quilts. I have a whole new appreciation for quilt artwork thanks to your posts.

  5. Thanks for blogging about the show and the photos. I just moved away from Seattle and was sorry that I was going to miss the show, so I got to see it after all. Vashon Island and Island Quilter are a great Friday night indeed.

  6. Wow! What a great show 🙂 Definitely some amazing quilts in there! I can’t wait for the Modern Quilts exhibit in Houston at IQF in the fall and QuiltCon in Austin in February. It’s going to be awesome!

  7. I just found your blog because I googled myself (yes, it’s true) – thanks for including a picture of my quilt! It was fun to be part of such a great show.

    Becca J.

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