Happy 4th of July!!!

I hope y’all have had a wonderful day! We had agreat day of birthday parties and a wonderful playdate BBQ with great friends!

And Max wore his new 4th of July shirt! I made it last night out of a sheet, the stars, and one of Dad’s old shirts, the stripes. There were a few times that I almost gave up. I kinda winged most of it, but a few times I referred to a pattern directions and they drove me nuts! Like for the collar. ergh… But I had it in my head that he was going to have this shirt for toady. And he did!

The Projects Are Piling Up!!!

Do you ever go to your sewing space and find a pile of projects that your family has warmly decided to share with you????

My husband has a pair of pants that needs hemming and he’s wanted it done for a while… But they just showed up on my sewing table. Then a coat had a seam break… So that ended up on my sewing table… Then I come in again and I find my son’s monkey hat up thrown up there in the pile. A piece of velcro had come off….

And Yes, I added a couple of projects… I need to make a little curtain, finish a quilt, make me some clothes, make more kiddo clothes, finish a volcano…. man!

I did finish Dad’s and the kiddo’s  projects, now to move onto to mine!

What projects are you working on???