QuiltCon Block Challenge!

I soooooo want to go to Quilt Con in February!! But with my job/life situation so up in the air, I just can’t plan for it right now… picture, a very sad face….

Are you going?? Do you know what it is?? It’s the inaugural conference and show by and for The Modern Quilt Guild. The first modern quilting event of its kind!  QuiltCon will feature top modern quilting instructors. There will be workshops and lectures by Denyse Schmidt, Malka Dubrawsky, Elizabeth Hartman, Anna Maria Horner, Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr. How cool is this??? So cool… See why I want to go???

They are also having all sorts of challenges and quilt shows that you can submit for. The one that has been going on for a while is the QuiltCon Block Challenge. The challenge was to create a block out of the colors of the Quilt Con Logo. It has to be a certain size with no applique. There were a couple more rules, but I’m not going into them all!

So a while back I decided I was going to make a block. I really wanted to make another pin wheel block with no applique. But it never happened. Then I decided I didn’t have the time. Then time was running out… Blocks have to be postmarked by tomorrow. So I decided to do it! Ha! Seriously, this is so me. I had months and planned to do it months ago, then no, then yes super fast!

So I took my pattern for the tree that I used for the Modernista Swap and turned it into a flower. What do you think?? I like it, but I’m thinking I like the tree version better. I like the flower version, I just like the other better…

Photo credit for the fabric picture, Quilt Con website.

You could use all or just some of the colors, so I chose to use the tealish blue, orange, yellow and green.

15 to 20 of the blocks will be used in a quilt for a raffle at the conference. The majority of the other blocks will be used in quilts for charity. I hope mine makes into one of them!!!!


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