Freezer Paper Stencils, a Tutorial

Another easy peasy tutorial!!

I’m sure you’ve seen the freezer paper stencils… They are all over the kiddie crafting and sewing blogs. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at it for AGES!!! But never have. Until now!! It’s so easy. Really! I love it. I want to make more… But here’s my very first attempt (drumroll…..)


Do you know the Octonauts?? WE LOVE THE OCTONAUTS! They are really cool. The stories all about under water adventures and tech kids about under water animals. And the graphics are very cool. I love them, my kiddo loves them and even Dad saw them and said, ‘They’re cool!’ So the image is the Octonauts logo. An Octopus, which I also love….  Since I love octopi and the kiddo loves Octonauts, I decided to make him one.

Step 1: Gather Materials.

Freezer paper (of course…), which you can purchase at most local grocery stores.


Exacto Knife

Paint Brush (I used a roller, but that’s up to you. I liked the roller….)

Fabric Paint (I used screen printing paint only because that’s the white fabric paint that we had at home, but I’d probably recommend a plain ‘ole fabric paint. The screen print paint is a little thicker than regular fabric paint.)

T-shirt or some item of clothing.

Step 2: Cut out you image. Layout your image on the freezer paper. You want to cut so that the shiny side of the paper is down.

Step 3: Iron the freezer paper onto the t-shirt with the shiny side towards the fabric. The freezer paper will stick to the shirt. I typically have my iron on HOT, and I left it there for this project!

Step 4: Paint! And let it dry. I’m a bit impatient when it comes to things like this, sooooo… I used a hair dryer to help it dry faster!

Step 5: Then just peel away the freezer paper!

Step 6: Set the paint per the paint instructions.

Wah- la!

Has anyone else made these? What image did you use? And if you haven’t made this, what image would you use?


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