Giving Gifts…. A little late

Are you ready for a confession??? I have a problem. I love giving gifts. You’re right, that doesn’t sound like a problem, does it? Nope, that’s not the problem. The problem is that I have a problem giving the gifts on time…

Like for instance these graduation gifts. Yes, these girls graduated in May and it’s what… August? September???? oops! It took me a little while to figure out what to get them. Then I ordered the gifts and it took a little while to get here. Nope, I didn’t order it from Zappos. I LOVE Zappos and thier free next day shipping!Yes, I did just get a package from them today! Totally beside the point, but…. So then the gifts were here and I had the boxes to mail the gifts in sitting around the house and driving my husband insane!

I finally got them wrapped and in the mail this week! I used my gift bag tutorial and whipped up some gift wrapping. I just happened to have coordinating fabric for each girl’s school colors! Then I punched their school emblems and embellished with those. It really doesn’t take me much longer to make these than to wrap in paper, so I really have no excuse as to why they sat around the house for so long…

The not so bad part of my problem. I do get the gifts and I do give them. Sometimes it’s just a little late. So if you’re a someone who should be getting a gift from me… It will come, just maybe not on time. My apologies up front!


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  1. Wow- how do you punch the school emblem? That is such a personal touch. I’d love to do that for my nephew who goes to birding school next week.

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