Party Month!

So this month is my son’s birthday and I plan plan plan for the party! I’ve already got most of it in my head, I just need to get it down and on paper and scheduled so that this year I’m not setting up my ‘sweatshop’ (as my mother calls it) two nights before the party!

So this year’s theme…. Argh, Matey!…. Pirates!

So today we went shopping for something TOTALLY not pirate related and did we find it? No! But did we find tons of pirate booty diamonds and jewels and skull and cross-bones bowls? Yes, we did. We left the store with nothing we went in for, but some pretty cool pirate party goods…

And of course, if you’ve seen my other parties (Dr Seuss and Dragonland) you know there’s always handmade party favors. Thinking dress up… Maybe an eye patch?



  1. I wanted to tell you a story about a story about eye patches. Stewart McLean is a first rate storyteller on CBC Radio 1 (in Canada). His famous story series is about Dave (owner/operator of The Vinyl Cafe, a used record store), his wife, Morley and 2 kids, Stefanie and Sam.
    In one story Stefanie has to wear an eye patch but doesn’t want to. Dave buys 2 patches and makes a deal with her. He will decorate her eye patch; she will wear it until the doctor says she can stop. She can decorate his eye patch; he will wear it until she says he can stop.
    He draws flowers on hers. She draws a bloody eye ball on his and makes him wear it for a week.
    This is part of a story called “The Coffin”. Obviously it is just a segment in a larger story.
    So, do you think you will draw on your eye patches?

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