Sew Ready to Play Killer Bunnies with Delia Creates

So I’ve been wracking my brain about how I first found the awesome blog, Delia Creates. And I can’t remember. But what I can say, is that Delia is awesome. Oh, did I already mention that?? How I found her doesn’t matter, but that I did find her is what counts! One thing that I love about her blog is her boy projects! And everything on her blog is just so pretty. Be sure to check her out and to watch what she comes up with this season of Project Run and Play!

Welcome Delia!!!

Isn’t this series so fun?

Our family is definitely a game family. We play at least one game almost daily, whether it be War with just me and my almost four year old, or a family round of Blokus.

So, trying to nail down one as an inspiration for this project, was tricky.

I finally landed on this one…

Killer Bunnies. Have you heard of it?

It’s kind of an obscure card game. You certainly can’t hop over to your local big box store and pick it up.

Don’t let the bunnies aspect fool you, it’s for ages 12 and up. Yep…teens and adults.

It’s basically a super silly game about bunnies taking each other out with anything from a kitchen whisk to a nuclear weapon all in the name of finding the magic carrot.

So, I thought I would make my own magic carrot in the form of a cute, cuddly plushie/chew toy for my baby.

I kept the face, sweet and simple, unlike the game. Making plushies are SO fun, basically because you can personalize it to however you like it, so easily.

Here’s how to make a Magic Carrot plushie:

* Cut a section of and old T-shirt. I used a thrifted newborn onesie.

* Sew a face on with embroidery thread.

* Layer two pieces of T-shirt on top of each other (making sure lines match up if there are some), right sides facing.

* Draw your desired shape around that face, with a disappearing sewing marker.

* Pin around your lines. Leave the top open for the leaves.

* Cut some leaves out of another old T-shirt and sandwich it between the two carrot layers. Make sure the top of the leaves are facing inward and are encased by the lines you’ve drawn and pinned.

* Pin and sew all the way around, except for a small opening on the side.

* Trim away the excess and cut small triangles at the curves so that it lies flat when turned right side out.

* Turn it right side out.

* Stuff it with poly fill.

* Sew the opening closed.

More tips:

The eyes are french knots. Purl Bee has a great tutorial for that here.

The corners of the mouth are also French knots but smaller. I wrapped the thread around the needle four times for the eyes, and just twice for the mouth corners.

To close it up, I used a ladder stitch. Go here for a tutorial on that.

As you can see…my ladder stitch still needs a little work. 🙂

And that’s it!

My killer bunny seems to like it.

“Who me? Killer?”

🙂 Couldn’t be.

Thanks for having me over to play Louise!

Thanks for playing, Delia!

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